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This 1 Word Describes Why You Have Regret!

I was going to write strictly about neglect and how that one idea causes so much future angst, anger and regret. But as I sit here, I just received a call from one of the most reputable trainers in town that has been in this business for over 20 years. He wants out. This will be the third such call from very reputable trainers in my industry calling me seeing if we, eVOLV, can take them over.

I don’t write this gloatingly; I write this with a very heavy heart. Most individuals think our industry is on the mend, but the carnage is just beginning. If my colleagues hadn’t cared for their back rent, that is now all coming due and landlords are not nice. The continued effects of surges and mandates do not allow for any growth for repair. The Government loans are now coming due. The landscape of our business has been completely decimated and we are now working in a completely different world with very different rules.

So, my original message of one word that describes the reason we suffer from that which we do today is partially false – neglect. It is partially true though. I am by no means perfect, but I did care for the most important aspects of my business during the COVID for which I am proud. Not one single team member was laid off or let go due to COVID and a paycheck was issued every Friday come rain, snow, or high water. In actuality some of their pay has doubled if not tripled and I am thankful to our Personal Training Clientele who made this happen (we could not have done this without your support). Rent and utilities are paid. We are solid for the time being and I commend my team for adapting to the current situation and never giving up.

This goes for you as well. We all have choices in this life. No, we cannot control 99% of what happens in this world, but we do control how we react to it. Never in my lifetime would I have thought I would have to navigate a business, my family and all the other stuff in my circle of influence through a pandemic. Losing my father early on in the pandemic, caring for my mother and brother and strategizing daily about how to survive in an industry that is now the hardest hit in the nation: a business called eVOLV! I made the choice early on that I would do all that I could to guide us through and look at where we are today.

I had a choice and so do you! Are you allowing the current circumstances to be an excuse for neglecting your health? I don’t just mean the COVID 20, I mean the mental health and your spiritual health too. I believe very strongly that movement, our first core habit within our eVOLV Phoenix Method, is critical to your well-being. Are you moving? Have you allowed your current circumstances to provide good nutrients into your system or has junk and unhealthy eating habits gotten in your way? Nutrition is our second foundational habit with our methodology here at eVOLV and is just as important as movement.

As I continue to be reminded just today, we all need a little help every now and again. I extend my hand to you if any of the above resonates with you to offer you a FREE consult with me to discuss your situation and to develop a plan of action for you! Even if it is using our FREE weekly social media workouts and other FREE resources. You just need to reach out! We will do the rest from there. or 505-872-3408.

eVOLV will not only survive, but it will also thrive in the future. I relate last year like a Tsunami, this year like a Title Wave and the near future rough seas. We will need all hands-on deck to make sure we get through it. If you wish to help eVOLV there are 3 actions, you can take right now that only require your time! Click on link below to be directed to these action items.

Reach out to us, we stand ready to help you! It takes a community to get through life. The eVOLV Community is one of the strongest, most reliable, and hard-working group you will ever meet. We look forward to your continued journey with us.

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

PS - I love hearing your feedback. Please leave a comment below! I read all of them!

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