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Your Help Needed!

We would really appreciate your help in keeping eVOLV's energy flowing! All you need to help is your time! The top 3 things you can do right now are:

  • Refer a Friend to our classes, personal training or our Rise of the Phoenix! We live off of referrals! We can send you a personalized social media post too if you are willing! Just contact You also earn a $50 credit toward any service here at eVOLV for doing so if they sign up! Click here for a quick referral link:

  • Other individuals just like you are debating on whether or not to try out eVOLV. They read our reviews on our social media sites. Help us by leaving a GREAT review on the following links to help us rebuild eVOLV Strong:

    1. Google

  1. Facebook

  1. Yelp

  • Covid has taken its toll on our industry. With over 40% of our fellow gym owners closing down - eVOLV stands strong. It would be profoundly helpful to get further assistance with our elected officials via the Gyms Act of 2021. If you are willing please click on this link and help us send a message to our elected officials:

Our community is stronger today then ever before and this is the eVOLV way! We love and appreciate each and everyone of you! Remember to start strong, stay strong and always be eVOLV Strong!

Team eVOLV!

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