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I insulted Philip today & he kindly called me out on it!

In my podcast eVOLV Strong with C.J., I get carried away when speaking with my heart. Most of my topics are those I am experiencing or my clients’ experiences. Just today, Lee stated that he is 47 and doesn’t know how much longer he has been on the mountain skiing. I told him to “shut up” and quit being an old man. We nursed him back from a patella fracture, and he is skiing better than ever, but he gets sore after a long weekend. I said you are freaking human, and this is your first year back from that major injury. When he brought in the age thing and a set time in the near future that he should stop because of it – I put him in his place.

This was the gist of my podcast yesterday when I stated that my amazing partner Adonis, who is 27, wakes up with more aches and pains than I do, and I'm 47. I also bluntly stated that those who are 30 but complain they feel like they are 60, to get over it and do the work necessary to feel younger by taking control of their health. Philp, being in his 60’s, took offense to that. What I should have said to those 30-year-olds complaining is that they may one day be so lucky to be a badass like the 60-something Philip I know and the 70-something Pilar I know if my Shred program who have taken their health in their control and do the work to live a quality life well into those years. Love you, Philip, and I stand corrected.

I also lit a fire under Laura and Jeff the other day about her ability to drink and not feel hung over the next day. In no way was I throwing shade. I am jealous of their ability. They are the owners of La Cumbre, so it is their profession and job. Love you both as well! They are amazing clients of mine.

So if I call you all out in a Podcast or a blog, it is with all due respect and admiration. I share these experiences so I can relate to those who need it in the moment. I know Philip is was in fun this AM, but I also wanted to stand corrected and show pride in your accomplishments. You are a badass!

Like the rest of you who show up and do the work, I am proud of you! If you need a place and aren’t showing up – reach out! I’m ready to help!

On another note – I NEED GOOD INSTRUCTORS – we are growing again and group fitness seems to be back on the rise. I will train you how to be one – you need the heart! This weekend we are starting our group fitness training! I would love to have you with us! A flier is below! to chat with me. Let your friends and family know too if you think they would be good.

Your Trainer – C.J. Chavez

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