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You Should have this % Body Fat to Feel Good...

As we enter the Rise of the Phoenix 2021 season and the new year being upon us, I am reminded that most individuals wish to lose weight, fit back into their skinny jeans, and just start feeling better about themselves. With that said most individuals focus solely on the scale and weight loss. Let me remind you that you can be a very unhealthy, skinny – FAT! I’m not saying the scale number is not important, it very much so is and should be measured often to either lose or maintain one’s body weight to measure progress.

One of the most important measurements though is percentage body fat especially if aesthetics are important to you. This means those unwanted “Muffin Tops” that have crept up and appeared on your abdominal wall or maybe the “Hey Helen” arms that keep waving after your done or maybe the “Saddle Bags” on the hips that have caused us to only wear sweatpants or dark colors are caused by unwanted fat. I know rude but I’m telling it as it is. If we only pay attention to weight – we may still have these problems even with weight loss. Picture a deflating balloon – it becomes wrinkly right? Therefore, a balanced program with resistance training is critical to the aesthetic look you may wish to obtain. Knowing your % body fat will help you on your journey.

Here is a picture of what certain body fats look like on the average person. Where are you? Depending on your desired look and health goals – use this chart to help you know where you should be.

I have seen individuals lose anywhere from 0.5-2% per week dependent on age, sex, activity level and where they are starting from – meaning most unfit individuals and males tend to get the most results in the beginning. This also means that within 4 weeks you can jump an entire level/position from the % body fat on the pictures above. Within 12 weeks you may be able to jump 2 or 3 levels/positions and feel damn good. There are a couple of caveats to this though – 1. You must be militant about your diet and 2. You must be militant about your workouts during the week 3. You must be held accountable and know your why. 4. It ALL DEPENDS ON YOU! Here are a couple of examples of what eVOLV’s programming has done for real people in 12 weeks below.

You have until January 31, 2021 to register for the 2021 Rise of the Phoenix. I would highly suggest this program. We also have just begun our new Personal Training Pricing model that saves you money and offers you the accountability of having an eVOLV Coach by your side guiding you on your wellness journey. You get 1-3 “private” training hours with your coach per week and for groups – you save even more. E-mail, call us 505-872-3408 or message us direct for information and to sign up.

Now its your choice on where you wish to fall in your % body fat. If you are good with how you look and feel, great keep it up. If you wish to change how you look and feel and get to that next level, we stand ready to help. Click, call, or email us today!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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