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Yesterday, I Almost Gave Up Again - Then this Happened...

Yesterday, I almost gave up again – then this happened…

Your fitness/weight-loss journey is very similar to my journey running a business. There are ups and downs and all arounds.

Somedays are easy and somedays you just want to say fu*^ it, right? Yesterday was the latter for me in regard to my business. Once again – don’t worry – it happens all the time in my head so it’s nothing new nor is it anything for you all to get alarmed. Yes, I do have many voices in my head that talk to each other and yes, they are all the same C.J. you all know. The only difference between you and I is I’m fine talking about them publicly.

Leading eVOLV has been a roll-a-coaster of a ride starting with opening day about 10 years ago. We did it with so much excitement and enthusiasm and with 3 partners to boot. Then the reality set in with the daily grueling tasks of rising early, teaching 2-3 classes a day, personal training for another 4 or 5 hours, cleaning the gym, caring for staff’s needs and handing the clientele, all the while managing the landlords, partners, IRS & Tax and Rev.

Then life gets in the way with a huge construction project on Paseo which adversely effects membership and BOOM – immediate and utter failure occurs. Then I have to get back up after falling flat on my ass and start all over again. Working out in parks, rented facilities, overcoming legal battles with my ex-partners and employees, and all the while getting our current location up and running while battling Channel 13 news articles stating that I was the worst businessperson in the world.

I had been at the bottom before so I new how to get up but hell – again?

Then we opened and here we go again starting all over. Then the daily morass starts. Then boom – another set-back with a business partner exiting leaving me with some serious issues to combat. This time though – I didn’t give up and through hell bound determination and amazing clientele – we overcame the obstacles. eVOLV begin to flourish and we were standing on our own two feet with a great trajectory! Things were looking up and going well.

NO-ONE and I mean NO-ONE saw a pandemic coming. Our rent is over $8,000 monthly at this location. Our revenue dropped to $10,000 per month for over 3 months. PPP and grants barely covered our rent much less the payroll of our team. Our coffers, trajectory, and all we had worked for was in limbo.

At this point a couple of times before, falling into the holes I had become so accustomed to, I fought like hell. I made my mind up that the most important part of eVOLV was the team that stood beside me. I swore that come rain, snow, hell, or high water that I would make sure my team was paid every Friday. I swore that each of my team members would not only have a secure job but the job they had would grow. This is when we pivoted to personal training and kept a skeleton class schedule that would be available virtually. I decided that the service we provided to the amazingly supportive members that stuck with us would be second to none and we would do everything we could to make sure their needs were not only met but exceeded given our circumstances.

The difference this time is I MADE A DECISION AND I FOUGHT LIKE HELL FOR IT.

We not only succeeded but now we are beginning to repair and grow again. I have to remind myself to be kind to me – yes to me. Coming out of what we have endured and moving forward, the process will not be perfect. IRHSA has reported that over 30% of all studios like ours are now permanently closed. Without PPP, Grants, Legal protections another 10-20% are estimated to close this year. That means we are one of the lone survivors. That also means that the pressures are real and not just unique to eVOLV.

Yesterday I was feeling the pressure of some major stressors of “starting all over again.” I woke up in a sweat with worry about my team’s future. Although I know that I had a plan in place and our dependence on outside entities was the cause, I still worry like no other because I care. I care deeply about our community that we have grown and the team that again – stands beside me. I caught myself saying – what the hell am I doing? Can I keep doing this? Am I even able and capable? The impostor syndrome really hit me hard.

Then this happened. I finished my own work-out about 5:45 am then headed to eVOLV (if I don’t work-out early AM the bad voices overtake the good ones in my head.) See movement to me is more than looking good – it is about mental stability. I pulled into the parking lot, and it was full at yes 5:55 am in the morning. I walk in and our entire community of peeps are laughing, communing, and getting their sweat on. I was reminded at that point – this is why I do what I do, and I endure what I have to.

I live on two principles today:

  1. 80% of what I do has to be fun &

  2. 100% of what I do has to have a purpose.

Lately the first principle has been tested but the second has never been stronger. I also shared a cry with a client yesterday who gained 5 pounds over the weekend. We got to the depths of why and she too has the stresses of having a team of over 50 folks depending on her and she felt very alone this weekend taking her back to old habits. I reminded her that she wasn’t alone and that we as her coaches stand with her. Tears begin to fall uncontrollably at this point. Again – 100% of what I do has to have purpose and I was reminded of this again.

Like your fitness journey, we sometimes have to start over, we sometimes have to take the losses with the gains, we sometimes have to overcome injuries or crazy ass hormones, but success only comes with putting up the fight and NEVER FUCKING GIVING UP!

I share my story and try to be as real as possible, so you understand that you are not alone in this journey called life. You may see an amazingly handsome, strong, intelligent guy named C.J., but underneath I have to my pants on the same way you do. I have just dedicated my life to helping those in need as, although not perfect, my process and that of eVOLV’s is quite good at getting the desired results of those who put their trust in us.

Today’s action is the following:

  1. Whatever you’re going after – MAKE UP YOUR MIND AND JUST DO IT!


As always, we stand ready to help. Just call, e-mail, or message. It may just change your life for the better to have a Coach and Community that cares.

Now onto some business and housekeeping:

  1. UpMo will be closed for renovations and upgrades starting Friday March 11th, 2022 at 3pm MST and will reopen with normal schedule Monday March 14th, 2022. Virtual classes NOT be affected. If you have personal training sessions, please contact your trainer direct for directions. This may be a great opportunity to try YOUR eVOLV studio classes during this time.

  2. We would love to have you on eVOLV’s Fitness Destination this year in Puerto Vallarta! $200 reserves your spot and current price. Rooms at our current rate are almost sold out. You need to reserve today as prices will go up shortly.

  3. We have an amazing program we are bringing everyone this month: 28 Day Kickstart Your Summer Body Program starting soon! E-Mail for more information.

That’s it for now! We love and appreciate all of you! Have an amazing Hump Day!

Your Trainer – C.J.


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