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Who Are You?

When a person introduces themselves to you, they normally ask your name, what you do for a living, where you’re from and small talk right? I like asking another question. It’s open ended and up for interpretation. I ask, “Who Are You?” I don’t ask it belittlingly or in a weird way. I ask it with sincerity to try to get a good idea of who this person personifies or attempts to personify.

If I ask you the same question, “Who Are You,” what would your response be?

Throughout my adolescent years into my late 20’s, I was someone who tried to be that which everyone else wanted me to be. I hid behind degree’s, fighting championships, false girlfriends, fancy cars and so much more. On the outside it looked like I had my shit together, but on the inside, I was dying. Trying to keep up these facades was brutal, and it all finally came crumbling down. I hit rock bottom in 2008 during the housing crisis and my family lost everything.

I felt like the 3 little pigs who built their houses of hay, and the big bad wolf came to blow mine down. The facades crumbled and I had a horrific identity crisis. My spark had died.

The only light I remembered during this dark period was when I was in the martial arts academy. That was the time in my life when I truly knew who I was, and I was accepted for who I am. I had many opportunities to go back into the executive world with my business degree, but I chose to get a job cleaning toilets at a local gym. I wanted to find out who I really was, and I knew fitness was where I belonged. I didn’t want anything to do with the business world during that time.

I’m glad I did as today I found that cleaning toilets is one of the most important jobs of owning a gym! My team understands this principle very clearly! LOL!

All kidding aside, working from the ground up in that local facility, it taught me the rudimentary yet critical principles of running a wellness company:

1. Always provide a courteous and professional experience

2. Always provide a clean and welcoming facility

3. Always provide a world-class fitness/wellness experience

These are the three core values of eVOLV today and I fight like hell to make sure my team knows this every day! I am relentless in my pursuit of delivering these continuously.

This has made eVOLV what it is today though, and my team understands and respects these principles. Oh yeah – we all have our days, but for the most part – I am proud of our accomplishments on this front.

Now I can proudly say I am the creator of eVOLV Strong & the Phoenix Method, and I am a world-class trainer who prides himself on inspiring my clients to better themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. This is only part, but I know who I am now with no facade! You either love me or you don’t and that’s OK!

Can you truthfully answer the question without hesitation or trying to sugar coat/lie about it? Finding who you really are and being proud of it are part of the journey you take here at eVOLV! Are you ready? Let’s get started then!

Our world-class fitness programming is that which I am most proud, and I could not do it without my team of professional trainers. One of which in particular is being highlighted this month with his 8-week fitness challenge starting this Saturday! Donovan Porterie. The program is focused on “muscle build” for the 8 weeks and you get all the bells and whistles of our normal Phoenix Programming. Click here for more information and to sign up:

Speaking of world-class trainers – we live off of referrals and would love your help in rebuilding eVOLV by telling your friends about us. An idea is by forwarding the link to this blog post or leaving us a review on Google. Also, you get a $50 credit toward any service/membership here at eVOLV if one of your referrals signs up.

One more reminder - the timeline for Cancun is coming closely to an end as the hotel is booking up quickly so if you want more info - click here:

I look forward to seeing you virtually and or in person soon. We stand ready as always to help you – all you have to do is click/call/e-mail us.

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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