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When Sh*t Hits The Fan!

Congratulations Yolanda on your success! Super proud of you! Pictured above

When shit hits the fan, turn the fan up on high so it splatters around you not on you!

There are two ways to fight a fire (maybe more but for this blog I’m using two). You fight it head on and poor as much water on it as you can until it completely drowns out. The second is to allow the fire to burn until the source of fuel exhausts itself. Depending on the situation, either technique works. Now depending on your type of personality, you tend to fight the fire in your way no matter what situation you find yourself.

I will be competing in November at the Battle of the Gods, yes, they know I’m coming of course it would be the battle of the GODS! Kidding aside, I have begun the process of cutting out unnecessary items in my diet such as alcohol and I try with sweets but I’m unsuccessful most days at this point. But I have been successful with alcohol because I have such a crazy agenda of milestones I wish to achieve, that I wish not to waste days with hangovers either. This in turn has caused some stresses in my personal life because its summer and my partner wishes to partake in activities with friends and family that involve a lot of alcohol and I wish not to be tempted for one and not be the dud of the party for second. So, I just decline to go to the wine festival, beer pub gatherings and more recently I declined a visit to Navajo Lake.

This is where the fire fighting story kicks in. My partner’s way is to come in with all hoses blasting the fire at once and wants to get it out immediately and settle things right then and there. I on the other hand wish to walk away and allow my brain to process that which it has to in order for me not to make any crazy decisions in the “heat of the moment.” Before any of you go making any assumptions, let me state that I am in one of the healthiest and most loving relations I have ever been in in my life, and I adore my partner to death. We are human and we do have spats though – let me just say the make ups are the best! You all know I had to go there!

Back to my point. We have two very differing ways of dealing with our “spats” and this causes some real pain points. It has been rough changing our norms based on the milestones I wish to achieve. I believe some of you reading this can relate. When your partner wishes to eat the pizza while you are eating the broccoli. It’s fucking tough and it leads to animosity and to spats ultimately. I have been truly blessed to have a partner though that eventually gets it and loves me beyond belief, but the transition has been rough to my new way of doing things based on my yearning to win in November and to achieve my short-term milestones as well by not drinking.

We eventually made up quite nicely and all is good in the neighborhood. The transition though still is a stickler point and the ability to handle the “spats” is getting easier in regards to this particular issue. If I can relay one thing to you in this blog is that the transition of making the choice to a healthier lifestyle is tough but if you can manage how you handle the “fire” that will be caused with your relations, you will be successful.

Action items:

1. Be aware of the transition stage and prepare as best you can to handle the battles that will be caused with your changes.

2. Realize the only control you have is how YOU react to the situation – not them!

3. Work through the issues with proper communication with whomever you need

4. And finally – don’t ever freaking give up!

Remember your why and reason to help in the process! Reach out to one of us for help, we are pretty damn good at it. We would love to help.

I have two spots left for my Shred program starting June 13th and I have 1 slot left for the July Shred starting July 11th. The June Shred will remain at 5 am MST and the July will switch to 6:30 pm MST. Only twenty are allowed. Much appreciation for the phenomenal support and congratulations for making this a 100% successful program based on individuals desired outcomes! 100% virtual as well so hit me up if you wish to participate. I’d love to have you. Also, I have only two more rooms available for Puerto Vallarta in October! This is going to be a blast! 5 days and nights with yours truly on a beach having a blast with fitness and friends! Just respond to this blog and I’ll personally reach out!

Lastly thank you for allowing my Podcast to hit Top 10% Worldwide! I’m humbled and honored! I take my passion of inspiring wellness seriously and I provide these resources free to our community to help in my simple way. All I ask of you is to share, rate and subscribe when you can.

Muchos Besos my friends!

Your Trainer – C.J.

I’ll see you again tomorrow on eVOLV Strong with C.J. Podcast!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV and UpMo Strong!

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