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What is Your Why?

If you have ever sat across from me on an initial evaluation you have certainly been asked “why are you here with me, what is your reason why?” Within about thirty seconds I can tell if you are ready for the process of change or you are not. It is simple. If the person has a true emotional connection to her why, then they are ready for the marathon of change because it is a marathon and not a sprint.

See in about two weeks from the start when your friends ask you to go out for pizza and beer, or about four weeks out you go to the movies and you smell that popcorn or in week five the alarm rings and your trainer is waiting at the gym at 5 a.m. – your why has to be more powerful then your excuses.

What is your why? Is it emotionally powerful enough to overcome those urges and excuses for instant gratification?

I point to a mother for having one of the most powerful “whys” in the world. See carrying a child for over nine months in her belly is not comfortable. Sleep pattern disruption, morning sickness, emotional roller coasters are just a few issues that she must face for a long period of time. I do not even have to say anything about the birthing process itself – holy jeez! Then for the remainder of her life – her child remains on her mind until her death. Why would anyone in their right mind go through all this? Her LOVE is undying and one of the most powerful “whys” I know as I experience it daily from my own mother.

If you can find your why that is a fraction of the one, I described above, there will be no obstacle, excuse or urge that can stop you on your journey. Yes, the journey will be full of twists and turns but with a powerful “why” you will always find your way.

Should you need help with your why or need just a little bit of help on your journey, my team and I stand ready to assist you. E-mail, call 505-872-3408 or direct message us here for a free ½ hour consultation to see if your ready for the change you want.

Your Trainer – C.J. Chavez & Team eVOLV

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