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Tips to Survive the Weekend When Losing Weight!

Tips to Survive the Weekend When Losing Weight!

First off weekends are meant to be celebratory and for rest. Inherently I understand that the last thing you wish to do is to plan them out. Unfortunately, though going into your weekend blind is what is keeping you from losing the desired pounds over time.

I speak from experience. I do so well during the weekdays. I prepare all my meals. I don’t really cheat per se, although I do love a sweet every now and again. I workout hard two times a day. I am on my program.

Then boom Friday hits and it’s my official date night. Unless we go to Applebee’s, don’t judge, we are going somewhere where they serve chicken wings (one of our favorite splurges.) Then Saturday hits and working hard in the morning and working up an appetite, then going into the evening with the team every other weekend, they serve pizza at the end of the game, and I am always tempted to go out and have a beer with everyone. It sucks being the party pooper and saying no, no, no. Holy moly Sunday comes around and around my house every family member is always invited bringing food, drink, and more sweets. The temptation is non-stop!

This on top of concerts, wine festivals, parties and you name it. Weekends can be a disaster when it comes to maintaining your caloric deficits. But there is a strategy that helps!

No matter how bad you get, always maintain your diet log – ALWAYS! It is a tool that is not to be put away to cheat. It is tool to be held accountable for what you put into your system. It also allows history of habits so we may reflect and learn, some are still learning and learning and learning though! Yuri – Rob? LOL!

Go into the weekend with a plan. Yes, I said a plan. Know what you are going to do and then plan it out. Talk with your partner and negotiate a healthier location to eat. Let your team know that you are not going to drink and please don’t tempt me. Sunday’s make yourself a meal or go into the day with healthy eating, so you don’t go too overboard with everyone else’s food. Maybe eat at home before going to the party. Take a low-calorie drink to the party itself. Point is to plan what you are doing and try to adjust your actions accordingly to reduce temptation.

Life is meant to have a couple of donuts, drinks, and burgers in it. Earn them though and don’t just eat because its there. Be cognitive of what you are putting into your system and try to plan it out beforehand. We are not meant to be perfect, but we should go into our weekends intelligently.

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Have a great weekend team!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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