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This is how to approach challenges in your life!

This is how to approach challenges in your life!

No matter how well you plan life out, BAM – a challenge arises! I have the pleasure to host over 30 individuals this weekend in Puerto Vallarta. It is eVOLV’s annual fitness destination where the entire vacation is about working out and doing physical activities that are fun and group oriented. Don’t get me wrong, drinking and eating are all part of this trip. The cool part is we get to do it all on a beach.

This has been in the planning stages for over a year now and no matter how much attention we put into the details of the trip, BAM – a problem with a room arrives, a problem with a transfer arises, and so on. The cool part is that this is not my first rodeo so I am able to take it in stride and just solve the problems as they come. For the last 10 years of doing these kind of excursions I’ve learned that the only definite is that things will NEVER go as planned! So I go with it and just work my magic where I can to resolve issues as they arise.

This trait is learned. In my younger years I would have made mountains out of mole hills and would have freaked out! This is not the case on this one. The lesson here is that I have taken the time to learn how to handle these situations.

I love the saying you cannot force water uphill. You must allow it to flow naturally and learn to use the flow of the water to the best of your ability. We need to stop fighting and figure out how to flow with the challenges of life and figure ways to overcome them while not getting too crazy! Things always settle down with or without us.

This is true for our bodies as well. We were born to move. We were born to eat natural foods. We were born to live life to its fullest. Its when we don’t move that we become ill. It’s when we eat foods and drink fluids that are not natural that we begin to become sick. It is when we try to force water uphill and become angry and resentful that life loses its fun. STOP THE INSANITY CYCLE!

Action items:

Figure out what you are trying to force that is causing major headaches in your life.

Are these challenges caused by you trying to go against the natural order of things?

Treat life like water – go with the flow and when it becomes bumpy – enjoy the ride!

From the beaches of Puerto Vallarta – Your Trainer – C.J.

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