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These Holidays Have Me in a Downward Spiral...

All these Holidays have me in a downward spiral!

October 31st started the downward slope with our Halloween Party. Then my birthday hit on November 14th, then Thanksgiving, then Friends-Giving, then eVOLV’s Holiday Party, and NOW – Christmas and then New Years!

To put this in further perspective I have an amazing mother who lives with me who believes food is the way to her son’s heart and a partner and extended family who believes the same. Both mothers cook traditional New Mexican and Mexican food with homemade posole, salsa’s and more made on a daily basis during this season that when you walk into either of their homes the smells of the food are irresistible. Put this on top of the “parties” one must go to during this season, it is a recipe for disaster!

I try so hard on Monday to make up my mind that this is going to be the week where I “catch-up.” But come Thursday another party comes into the schedule where I know I will be forced (I’m kidding – it’s the little devil in my head that forces me) to drink and then I like to eat when I drink and then the next day, I’m hung over, probably by only 2 beers because I can no longer hang, that I don’t work out, so a day wasted. Yes, I know that was a run on sentence, but I wrote it, so you get the point.

Does any of this sound familiar? I know most of you reading this can relate. That is why most of us get along. It saddens me that only one event can cause such a snowball effect. I am human and so are you.

There is a bright side though. Since October I have only missed 3 days of working out because, as I mentioned earlier, I was too hung over. I have also increased to two-a-days as well. I have found that my ability to not injure those around me due to my cranky hum-bug attitude caused by overeating, too much commitment over the holidays and just being me – working out is a NECCESITY in my world.

Holidays are unavoidable so I have had to adjust my routine to handle them. Although not perfect I have adjusted to working out two times daily and tried to make sure that during the weekday I am somewhat good with my diet. This strategy should also be followed by you too! Enjoy your Holidays team! We only live once and it sucks when you cannot live a full and wonderful life. Although I write this satirically with a negative tone, I have come to realize that life without fun and using food celebratorily is freaking boring. We have as a community experienced too much death, negative news and isolation lately – get out there and enjoy each other again. Eat, Drink and Be Merry! But make the necessary adjustments for this time of year as well!

Speaking of this time of year, I welcome the 100 new ROP folks to eVOLV! I would also like to welcome you too if you haven’t signed up. Our next informational session is this Saturday at 10 am MST! This will be the last Saturday to take advantage of any of the Bonuses as the program goes full price on Sunday! Zoom and In-Person welcome. If you are a current ROPer or a member earn $50 for every referral! More information is here:

I hope you all are enjoying our Holiday Core Challenge Live! We will be having a special schedule for December 24th, December 31st and a limited offering on New Years Day! Any of these 3 days – please bring a friend or family member as classes are always FREE on Holidays! Christmas we will be closed.

I love hearing your feedback and we appreciate you sharing this newsletter to all your friends, family, and co-workers! E-mail me your fitness questions or topics you wish for me to cover – I love the opportunities!

I look forward to seeing you all Saturday for the ROP informational session or hearing back from any of you needing help on your fitness journey.

Your Trainer – C.J. Chavez

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