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These are crazy times... once again - but we got this!

Back to mandates, back to reality, back to whatever we need to do to get through these crazy times. You know the good part though – we have each other! We have never been alone and knowing that we got through it the first time, we can do it again!

It is more critical then ever to maintain your health and well-being, follow the guidelines from those much smarter than us and take care of our own little realms. Our community has never been stronger, but we have to be more vigilant in our efforts as we move into this next stage of the harsh realities that are now here.

Let’s compare March of 2020 to today:

  • Probably most importantly – WE HAVE TOILET PAPER ON THE SHELVES!

  • We have a vaccination!

  • We have anti-body treatments!

  • We know what we are dealing with and whom it effects!

  • We know what works and what does not in regard to mitigation!

  • We are not being closed down!

  • We still have our health and well-being!

  • We still ALL HAVE EVOLV!

For those wishing to stay home and away, here is a list of our virtual offerings to take advantage of:

  • 30+ LIVE Virtual Classes Weekly - Every Day of the Week 6 am – 7 pm

  • eVOLV’s World-Class Fitness App with 4 Daily Fresh Workouts and 1,000’s of prior workouts available.

  • All Personal and Group Training is 100% Virtual Capable – Just ask! We are damn good at it!!!

  • We have a 28 Day FREE to our members Virtual Challenge starting September 4th – info session 10 am MST via Zoom

    • Daily “To-Do” items sent directly to your Virtual App Messenger and in eVOLV’s Virtual App Calendar.

    • Nutrition Instruction

    • Daily Workout Homework

    • eVOLV’s 3 non-Negotiables

    • Weekly Weigh-Ins and Accountability Checks

    • Direct Access Messaging to our Trainers!

    • It's FREE to Members (if not a member - just pay for a month)

    • Much Much More!

Those of you wishing to come into the club, our garage doors are wide open, all fans running, and all classes/training sessions are normal! Mask usage, upon entry and while moving around the club, is required as of Friday! We got through this once before, we can do it again team – so same rules apply! If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your trainer, e-mail me or give us a call 505-872-3408.

We love and appreciate each of you. I have a new respect for all of you, the strength you have all shown and the resilience as a community. I am proud of our team and our community!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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