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The Spark of My First Kiss!

The Spark of My First Kiss….

Now that I have your attention…. LOL! Really, I knew some of you would open this just to be nosey about my first kiss experience and it worked, didn’t it? Well keep reading and I may share with you a little more if you read my entire message.

With all kidding aside, I do remember my first kiss. Remember I was raised in a very strong Catholic household with an even stronger Hispanic mother and father. The belt, the bible and discipline were cornerstones in my life, so my first kiss was extremely scary, and I felt pretty guilty afterwards.

You may be wondering why I’m speaking about kissing in the first place. Let’s take you back to that moment when you had your first kiss. Or better yet the first kiss you had with the one you love or loved. Do you remember the feelings that went through your entire body? The emotions of “what the hell is this?” Whether you be scared, turned on, dumbfounded, whatever thoughts may be going through your head, there was some sort of spark that happens right? There is some small seed of intense feeling and emotion behind that experience.

That spark is what I want you to reminisce about, and I want you to find that place again in your head. If you are still with the one you love or have lost that one, it was that spark that started the fire for the rest of your relationship. This spark sowed the intense feelings you needed in order to make things work in your relation.

This holds true for anything you wish to accomplish or have in life. In order to accomplish what you dream; you first must light the fire from within and all fires begin with a spark.

On Sunday August 8th, 2021, at Noon MST, Laurie, Christine, and I have put together five beautiful ladies who will tell their respective stories of trial and triumph for the sole purpose of “Reigniting Your Spark!” The Story Tellers range from an African American Judaic Sermon Speaker to a Renowned Lesbian Cancer Researcher. The ends of the spectrum could be no further but the unity of these story tellers in our efforts to inspire you is unending. These are real people just like you and I who will share a part of their life that will make you cry, laugh, and love again. Emotions needed to ignite your spark.

You will be inspired by the stories of these women for women (all who support women are welcome too by the way). This show is directed by Laurie McGovern, former Director for TEDx Albuquerque, a long-term client of eVOLV, and soon to be instructor. These ladies have been coached thoroughly and have been preparing tirelessly. I may be somewhat bias, but I believe this show is going to be one of the best “Speakers” shows out there.

It will be at Revel Albuquerque and will begin sharply at Noon. Tickets are only $29, and you get two drinks of your choice at the event. Seating is first come first serve so arrive early if you want a good seat. I cordially request all ticket sales be purchased in advance and or at least 48 hours prior to the event as we must provide payment to Revel prior. You may support our efforts by purchasing your tickets now here:

May I also ask you to spread the word. Forward this e-mail to your friends, to your workplace bosses and let’s make this something good for the women of our community.

Now a little more about my first kiss……… Never mind – it’s a secret for another time!

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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