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Sometimes You Just Have to Let it Go!

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Congratulations DeAnna on your success! 28lbs loss in 8 weeks! Super proud of you! Pictured above

Sometimes You Just Have to Let it Go!

There are numerous goals, dreams, aspirations that I have in life but sometimes I get stuck on the outcome rather than the process. The old saying of shoot for the stars and land on the moon. Although you may not get to the stars you desire, the moon is a pretty damn good accomplishment.

Lately here at eVOLV I’ve had a few down days getting into the victim and scarcity mentality. Remembering that the last closure effecting our State was just 8 months ago due to COVID forced lockdowns and mask mandates and then just starting to get a good rhythm in business – boom – inflation and now recessionary headwinds occurring! Wowzer’s right.

Although my goals haven’t changed, the process by which to achieve them has once again become harder. This is why the down days and the “stinking thinking.” No worries – I will never give up – this is my motto and I live by it. This is also my blog where I share my thoughts and I relate with you in regard to being human and having ups and downs and all arounds.

I know that all of you face the same macroeconomic state I do. I know all of you are being fed the same information I do. I know all of you have to pay similar gas prices like I do. I get it so I know you are feeling similar worries and pains.

I also know that if I did not have the support of the amazing team of mine, my amazing partner, my family, and the eVOLV family that I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. It is the community of people that I have surrounded myself with that drives me to continue to reach for the stars.

Action items:

1. Who is in you circle of influence and do they provide the support you need in life?

2. Who drags you down and needs correction?

3. Figure out those who provide the energy to keep on going when you need it and cherish and develop those relations further.

4. The opposite is true for those who drag you down!

As we go into these uncertain times, make sure you care for yourself first and foremost by moving daily, eating right, and developing your community of support. Limit the exposure you have to “bad news bears” and have a mentality of abundance. We have each other and eVOLV will ALWAYS be around to help.

We look forward to keeping your vessel fit and ready for anything. Shred Light with Sedrick meets M/W/F 6 am with all the accountability you need for weight loss and toning. $225 a month and unlimited classes are included. It’s the baby version of my Shred – LOL! But it is an amazing program that may be just for you to achieve the results you desire! for more information.

Final week for eVOLV’s Destination event to Puerto Vallarta! If you haven’t experienced sunrise yoga on the beach, water aerobics, beach workouts and physical fun with lots to drink – you have to!

Here’s to an amazing future for all of us and to Never Giving Up!

Your Trainer – C.J.

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong!

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