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Sometimes Enough is Enough!

Sometimes enough is enough.

Have you just turned a blind eye from an issue that kept building and building until it explodes, and you know you should have done something about earlier? Coming back from Puerto Vallarta, this exact issue occurred times 100 not to mention having to deal with the problem while I was 1,000’s of miles away as well. I had had enough! When I returned the gates of hell opened and I finally made an end to the issue once and for all!

I have a gift and curse; I never give up on someone! This holds true with everyone in my life. This has caused me great pain but has also given me great success. It’s a double-edged sword. But when the time comes to part it does seem to affect me greatly for many days. I do have to say though if I get to this point that all efforts have been exhausted and it’s time to move on.

This is so true about anything in life. It is the pain of the transition period and the unknown that keep us from making the hard decisions in order to grow. A rose bush only flourishes after it has been pruned almost down to its roots. No matter how beautiful the roses are in one season, the next season the limbs have to be cut in order for it to bloom bigger and better the next season. The pain of trimming that which you feel is beautiful and necessary is the scary part.

What in your life are holding onto that is a comfort or a norm that you are scared to let go? Is it a habit of food? Is it a relationship that is not healthy? Is it substances? Is it sex? Is it a job that is driving you crazy?


Maybe it is time to trim the limbs and allow less weight in your life in order to blossom bigger and better in a new season.

Be brave and sure of yourself and your abilities to get through the pain of unknowns of the transition period and move forward!

This is all easier said than done and always have a plan. Don’t just act without thinking about strategies to minimize the pains but be bold and resolute in your decisions. This is your life, and we only get one of them. Don’t settle for less then you are worth and know you are worth it!

Being an entrepreneur and running a fitness business is not for the faint of heart. It has hardened me in many ways, and I haven’t gotten to where I am without having made difficult and challenging decisions. I still question my decisions daily as it effects many lives. But I do trust in my abilities more and more as I age, and I try not to look back anymore. I also look forward to the new adventures of the unknown as I move forward in life in the new seasons ahead. I invite you to do the same! is my e-mail. Send me a message on how you are moving forward! I’d love to hear from you and possibly share you message!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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Your Trainer – C.J.

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