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Relapse is Part of the Process!

Relapse is Part of the Process

Be honest! How many times have you cheated on your new year’s resolutions since January 1st of this year?

Probably quite a few times, right? I know I have. I have figured out something though that you need to hear. Relapse is part of the process. It not only is human, but it is healthy to a degree.

Let me explain. Have you ever heard my saying about “Eat the Damn Cupcake?” I mean it when I say it. If it’s your kid’s birthday and they offer you a special cupcake and you sit there and tell them “No, I’m on a Diet,” what the hell are you teaching that kid first off and second off why the hell are you depriving yourself of an “emotional fill” by not being present and a participant in the moment. Another example is if you have a hot date on a Friday night with your significant other or your desired significant other and they offer you a beer or glass of wine and you tell them “Sorry, I’m on a diet.” What a buzz kill folks! STOP THE INSANITY!

Life is to be enjoyed and moderation is key. Now if you’re an alcoholic or have some other eating disorder that has been diagnosed by a medical professional – then those circumstances are different. A cupcake or a beer every once in a while, just makes life better and worth living. The problem lies when we drink a six pack a beer a night, eat a cupcake for lunch and dinner daily while sitting our asses on the computer without any movement in our lives. This is how we get into the positions where we look at ourselves in the mirror and feel shame at what we see not only physically but I bet mentally as well.

It’s hard for me to say we begin fresh – maybe we divert our path a little – but our journey is continuous. Relapse is going back to known paths and diverting from the new one that you know is tougher then the old. It’s ok every now and again to visit that old path just don’t stay on it too long. Our bodies and brains probably need to visit there to remind ourselves of why we chose the path of wellness in the first place because we were tired of being sick and tired!

As this new year and new path take hold and starts to get OLD – remind yourself of why you chose to change your direction. Remind yourself of how you felt when looking at yourself in the mirror. Remind yourself of your WHY! Then trust the process and the path and just keep moving forward and if you fall off – get your shit back up and get back on it. No one is judging you and especially if you are part of eVOLV/UpMo’s journey’s – part of the reason you are here is for support when needed!

If you find yourself unable to get back up on the correct path – reach out! or call 505-872-3408 – we are here to help! We have 58 wellness professionals here that are world-class coaches that are able and willing to help. I’m pretty damn sure that the wealth of knowledge can pretty much provide solutions to whatever fitness/wellness problems you are experience, and we love the hard cases! You just need to reach out.

As part of our new year’s series Laurie MacGovern will be teaching a seminar that includes learning and movement on Saturday January 29th starting with a Yoga session then the learning session all about making your news year’s resolutions permanent habits! Also, as part of our continuing offerings Aaron teaches a Mindset Monday class which provides discussion on how to overcome mental barriers to your wellness goals! This is every Monday at 1 pm MST and is Virtual! As a member of UpMo/eVOLV you have full access to this learning session every Monday! Try it out!

To Do: If you find yourself wavering on your new year’s resolutions – remind yourself it is normal but find your determination to get back on the path as quickly as you can without any judgement or regret!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team UpMo/eVOLV

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Your awesome CJ ! Reading this made me smile so big because I could hear your crazy voice saying Eat the dam cupcake! Lol I loved reading this piece this morning while Coming to gym and feeling emotionally drained. You made my day ❤️ Thank you for being you and always being there!


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