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Quit Being Overwhelmed! Focus on Conquering Today - Here's How!

Quit Being Overwhelmed! Focus on Conquering Your Day. Here’s How!

Life is like a juggling act. When my relationship with my partner is doing well, it seems the focus on my health begins to waiver. You know the Friday night dates with alcohol and great food or the Netflix & chill snacking. The reverse is true as well. I received my OCB Pro Card for male physique when I was single and ready to mingle. I had a great body but man I hated not being able to snuggle at night – yes, I am an avid “snuggler.” I can hear the “AHHHS….” now.

It also seems when my finances are doing great that I’m pissing someone in my household off because I am forcing them to shore up their part of the living expenses or I said no to some type of expense. The opposite can be said when I give in and cover the expenses of one of them or cover mess ups in my business by team members who “forget” or “drop the ball.”

The top three balls that I juggle always seem to be finances, health, and relationships. Each of these independently can be extremely overwhelming and if you ignore one for some time, the consequences become quite dire. I see it daily with the health and well-being of my clients and those seeking our help. The conditions we find ourselves are very seldom caused by overnight decisions, but multiple choices made over long periods of time.

Instead of being overwhelmed by whatever circumstances you find yourself in today, stop thinking about the 50 lbs. you have to lose, the looming retirement with no money in the bank, the massive amount of energy needed to take care of an aging parent. Start thinking about what you can do starting today that you can do consistently over time that will cause the greatest amount of success.

Let’s dive deeper into this. You need to lose 50lbs. Lets break this down. You eat 3,000 calories a day and are sedentary. In this case keeping it simple I would list these top three things to do today in order to get on the right track.

1. Log my diet

2. Stop eating at 1,500 calories (max daily calories allowed)

3. Move for 30 minutes

THAT’S IT! NO MORE! I didn’t say clean out my cupboard. Stop eating sugar. Stop drinking wine, Stop this and stop that. I didn’t even say meal prep or pack my lunch. I even only allowed for 30 minutes of movement. I didn’t say hire a trainer. I didn’t say go to C.J.’s kick ass Rise Class or Surge this evening at 5:45 pm in the Hot Room – hint, hint, hint. I said 30 minutes of movement.

Now let’s break this down. Logging my diet allows me the information and is a lifelong habit that needs to be formed. Restricting whatever calories I put in to 1,500 from 3,000 gives me a caloric deficit for that day of 1,500. If I multiply this by 7 days in the week, I get 10,500 less calories. Now if I move for 30 minutes adding an additional 250 calories burned (mental clarity, feeling good, muscle build aside) I can add an additional 1,750 calories burned to the 10,500 deficit totally over 12,000 less calories weekly. On average 3,000 calories less will equal 1 pound of weight loss for that week, I could possibly lose 4 pounds. I could still have a glass of wine, a cupcake, or whatever else suits my fancy, but I know that when I hit 1,500 calories – I stop. Over time by keeping shit simple and conquering what I need to do within THIS DAY ONLY, and I am able to repeat it daily, I will eventually hit my goal.


1. Make 5 sales calls daily.

2. Put $20 in my savings.

3. Drop one subscription I don’t need or use.


1. Send 3 messages to my partner telling them I LOVE them!

2. Personally call a staff member and ask how they are doing.

3. Drop a funny text to your friends letting them know you are here and thinking of them.

Focusing on only 3 small action items daily in the areas of importance in your life consistently will have dramatic effects for the positive within just a couple of weeks. Now you must find your reason why and stay consistent over time. Don’t make it complex and use the KISS method always:

K – Keep

I – It

S – Stupidly

S – Simple

I’d love to hear from you by making a comment on what your top three action items will be in the Top Three areas of concern in your life. You have a limited amount of time and energy so choose wisely. In regard to your health because we have a limited amount of time, our world-class trainers can help you by speeding up the process in improving your health and by holding you accountable. I see miracles happen daily when a person like you begins caring for their health all the other parts of their life come together as well.

We stand ready to help you. We are starting a 28 Day Body Reboot for our past clients, our present and our future clients to get a true taste of our phenomenal fitness experience. It’s great for those wishing to lose up to 8 lbs., reduce your waistline, just need a jump start again and or looking for accountability – this program is for you. Click here for more information .

Be on the look out for our CoreSculpt Challenge both at UpMo & eVOLV Strong starting at the end of the month. More to come!

There is still room (VERY LIMITED SO ACT QUICKLY) for Puerto Vallarta! I’d love to have you!

From my heart to yours – Always Start Strong, Stay Strong & Be UpMo/eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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