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Muscles looking a little weak? Try this!

Muscles looking a little weak? Try this!

I absolutely love the fact that the demographic of those I serve has eVOLV’ed! Yes, those coming in for the first time always want to lose weight and inches. Now though, after 6 months of Shred, those that have stuck with the program are at a point where they wish to build some muscle! HURRAY! So cool right? This message still contains a lot of good information for those on any fitness journey though – meaning all of you reading this!

Protein is essential for maintaining and building muscle mass. You cannot maintain much less build muscle without it. There are about 20 different amino acids contained in protein. Nine of these are essential for us humans to function properly. Although protein can be found in numerous foods, these foods contain all 9 of the essential amino acids we need:

Beef, Poultry, Fish, Eggs, Dairy, Soy, Quinoa & Buckwheat

Yes, you may find incomplete amino acids in lots of vegetables but if you wish to get the best bang for your buck eat the ones I just listed. If you are not vegetarian, I would suggest Fish and Poultry over all the rest due to lower saturated fat content in the meats.

A good way to understand how much you need is by this simple formula:

0.4 * Body Weight = Grams of Protein Needed Daily

Example: 0.4 * my body weight (175) = 70 Grams of Protein Needed Daily

An egg contains about 6 grams of protein. A filet of Salmon contains about 30 grams of protein. A glass of milk has 8 grams of protein. So, if I have an egg for breakfast, salmon for lunch and dinner and a glass of milk throughout the day, I’ve hit my goal!

Another consideration that needs to be addressed is that you can only digest about 10 grams of protein an hour. So, eat real food rather than protein drinks that give you 50-100 grams of protein per serving. You’re peeing and pooping it out, its expensive pee and poop and it doesn’t have all the other good nutrients that real food contains. Also, these shakes and powders contain extra sugars and ingredients that are not really scientifically proven good for our bodies as they are not FDA governed. So don’t be fooled. If you are a middle-aged female reading this, highly concentrated synthetic proteins in your system wreak havoc! Trust me I see it daily! This includes bars, pills, shakes and all the rest.

A simple egg or glass of milk prior to working out, and a meal right after with a good protein and then a good protein before you sleep will be a great plan of action! Get it done folks!

I’m here to help answer your questions if you need! Just reach out! Thank you, Yolanda, for requesting this information! I also have a Podcast coming out soon that dives deeper into this as well. Be on the lookout!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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