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Moms Boobs!

I saw my mom’s boobs & I was devastated!

Every time Thanksgiving comes around, I remember an event that occurred in my younger years that had, let me put it lightly, a devasting effect on me!

It was a hot summers day and my two older brothers, and my dad and I were working the yard like we normally did. My mother called us all in to have lunch. We grew up in a small two-bedroom trailer that had swamp cooling and only one vent in the back of the house. The kitchen area was always hot and humid, so we all sat that the table shirtless.

My mother hating us sitting at a table without our shirts tells my father to put his shirt on and to have his sons put them on as well. My father argues with her and begins to eat not granting her request. She calmly rose from her chair and went to her room. Us three boys and my father begin serving our food and chowing down.

Within a couple of minutes, I see her walking down the hallway and oh lord, to my surprise, she had NO shirt and NO bra on her body. Her boobs were hanging free, and I still remember those nipples! She sat right next to me, and my father’s mouth went wide open. He immediately told her to put her shirt on. I and my brothers started getting up off the table to give them privacy, but she sternly told us to “sit our asses down.” She told my father to shut up and she stated that if we are going to eat at the table shirtless that she would as well.

She forced to us to eat our entire plates and wait until she ate all of hers and then she allowed us to leave. Let’s just say that I never went back to the table without my shirt on.

This Thanksgiving should be met with gratitude and thanks for all that we have. I know that getting together with my family will provide an additional opportunity for stories like this, hopefully a little less boob filled, to be made. Holidays can be stressful but if we go into them with a attitude of thanks and the understanding that it is a gift we have to spend time with those we love, then things can be managed and actually enjoyed.

Quit saying you are on a diet, enjoy the damn pumpkin pie, and quit arguing with your family. Accept the holidays for what they are and make the best of them. Plan before, during and after your workouts and how to get back on the wagon when you feel like stuffed turkey, then relax and enjoy!

I am here on Thanksgiving Day starting at 6:45 am for my Shred Group, then an hour and a half cardio/muscle/abs combo class with Sedrick and team teaching starting at 8 a.m. in person and Zoom! Bring a friend and enjoy.

Also think about after Thanksgiving – I have Shred coming up in December! Focus will be to keep the figure and improve strength rather than gain the 5-10 pounds that normally occur. I’d love to have you with me! – registering now!

Happy Holidays my friend! Your Trainer – C.J.

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