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This is why I do what I do and how I get the energy and grit to push through!

It's the PEOPLE I serve!

Allow me to share real messages from those I serve:

“Yes you are a BADASS STUD !!! On todays talk Between 4-5 minutes - You have a great staff Let 2-3 hours of your training go to your staff. Sleep late 1-2 mornings /Get home early 1-2 days Gives your body a little more recovery Give you a little more family time (unless you don’t want that) Your in this for the long haul - I’m not worried about you burning out. It more quality of life Having fun - Like the music today!! ( that was about it that I liked) -Thanks for letting me vent” Current Shred Client

“I’m so excited to be back, and love myself again. You’re amazing and you mean so much to so many.” Current Shred Client

“I needed to hear your message today in the Podcast. It helped me through some things going on in my life.” Current Podcast Listener

“Hi C.J.! Hope all is well. I got to listen to your podcast this morning about setbacks. I know I need to get my ass back into gear. Very inspirational – thank yo

u for what you do!” Nambe Pueblo eVOLV Instructor

I am humbled and honored to serve and inspire! I mean this from the bottom of my heart! I appreciate the opportunity to use my craft as a tool to help those who need and want it!

A message of thanks to all of you for allowing me to do what I love. You keep showing up, listening, reading or however you get my information – I promise to always show up!

Muchos Besos to all of you!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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