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How Do You Handle Your Stress!

When deadlines loom, do you cower, or do you perform?

It amazes me as a business owner, a caregiver, and a partner how many balls I juggle in a day, a week, a month and then into a year. I try not to allow overwhelm to set in but some days, I’m like DAMN! How much more could I handle?

I am in one such predicament at the moment with a huge weekend. Saturday, we have our first informational session with our ROP 2023 program and on Sunday we have eVOLV Talks, a world-class inspirational event. Both programs take a lot to produce, mainly time and lots of worry making sure things go well. The driver behind this is my passion of providing experiences that inspire individuals to improve themselves.

Now if these two events were the only items needing my attention, I would probably be ok. The problem lies in that I have numerous team members, club members, family members, corporate members, virtual members, and lots of others desiring and needing my attention either voluntarily or not so voluntarily and some requiring lots of it!

This is the time when I feel like I am dropping balls and not able to provide the levels of service some have come to expect. I depend on my team quite a bit and they are phenomenal. I trust in them but these are my programs, and my expectations are quite high so I do tend to involve myself quite a bit. At the end I know things will always fall into place but in the meantime – holy moly – watch out. My head is down, my heart is up, and I’m driving so get out of the way!

How do you handle your stresses when deadlines hit?

Action items:

Do not allow your personal health to be put on the back burner when handling your deadlines. It is more critical then ever to have your body and mind in tip top shape when handling major stresses in your life.

Make all efforts to manage your stresses properly without the use of substance and other not so good for your health decisions.

Trust in your abilities to get through it! Have faith.

I invite you to both the 2023 ROP information session on Saturday and the eVOLV Talks on Sunday. Below are the two links for more information and registration on both:

I would love to see you at both! Until next time –

Your Trainer – C.J.

Join us for eVOLV Talks 👇

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