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Heatstroke is Real!

Congratulations DeShae on your success! Super Proud of You! Pictured above

Heatstroke is Real!

Starting at 21% then topping to 48% with 102 degrees in the hot room this morning, my head was spinning by hour number 2! Shred was hopping with everyone in present including my virtual folks, so I had to bring it and bring it I did! It was leg day focus, so the isolation moves were intense and with the added element of heat it brought the sweat and burn. I did not hold back that first hour.

I normally drink coffee, yes hot coffee, in the hot room at 5 am but this morning something was a little off by hour number two. I have a group of gentleman that train in the hot room at 6 am so I was doing double header which normally is fine and is part of my daily routine. Outside of my routine was a subbed class last night in the hot room as well. The compound effect of super high humidity in general and 3 hours in the hot room within a twelve-hour period – BOOM! The Ceej was feeling it. My legs and my back begin to cramp, my energy stores were dwindling, and I just didn’t feel right.

I pushed through as I normally would but jeez, an hour later and a gallon of water with electrolytes later, I am finally back to normal! I hadn’t experienced this kind of WTF moment in some time. As we go into summer and with the high humidity levels here are your action items:

1. Stay hydrated and not just with water – put some sort of electrolyte in it. This could be lemon, cucumber, packaged electrolytes you buy at the store and even a spoon full of sodium.

2. Listen to your body as well and take breaks throughout. Don’t pull a C.J. and push through just to be viewed as superhuman!

3. Rest and recovery are critical in your wellness journey! (Yuri/Rob – a weeks recovery is too long.)

Push yourself but be careful as well. Learn to listen to your body. It’s part of the process. Be diligent but also be kind to yourself on this journey. Remember I get paid to do what I do so I push harder then normal people should. On the other hand – I am also here to push you harder than you would push yourself and I’ve never had a major issue with any of my clients in the last 25 combined years in the business. I push myself as a guide for you.

If you need that little push, I’d love to have you with us! Our next Shred starts July 11th and will be in the evenings. I have space you just need to reach out. If I’m too intense I have a great team of folks that are ready to help at any level! You just need to reach out!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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