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An unwavering trust in someone or something.

A young woman by the name of Faith came into the doors of eVOLV on the back of her mother about six years ago. She had smile that immediately drew my attention. Her ability to light up a room was like that of a superstar. She had a magnetic personality that compared to no other!

To those who don’t know her, Faith had some medical setbacks in life that damaged her motor skills, so she needed assistance for normal daily activities. Even through all her setbacks – she shined and lived her purpose. This is why I’m telling her story today so we may all continue to learn from her and honor her work while with us.

She begun working with the one and only Sedrick Johnson, to whom they both developed an amazing connection. It was one where they had mutual respect for each other. Sedrick towering over her by about six feet and Faith coming with a spirit of over 10 feet tall – each had mutual respect.

Sedrick’s patience was tested numerous times with Faith’s stubbornness, but she would eventually give in and allow Sedrick to be the trainer rather than her. I remember Sedrick numerous times having to stroke her ego when she would get a little upset at him, but they always ended on a good note.

One of the coolest moments that I remember is when Faith did a full sit-up and stand up with Sedrick’s guidance. She couldn’t believe it either, but the entire gym lit up and everyone was just super excited for both Faith and Sedrick!

Her training sessions became quite the spectacle to our members who each and every one become familiar with Faith. It was amazing to see how the members of eVOLV took to Faith and how she took to them. I could ask a lot of you in this room about her and you would each have a beautiful story about how she effected your life in a positive way.

The pinnacle moment was when Faith wanted to do the Rise of the Phoenix fitness show where she would compete with everyone else to win the prize. She showed up at every practice and she did the work. She showed up to every posing clinic and did the work. She showed up and did the work. No matter how difficult and frustrating the sessions were, she always and I mean always had a smile.

The day of the event I was a little nervous on how we were going to pull this off. She wasn’t nervous at all. She danced in the opening number, she competed in the themed wear division, she competed in the swimsuit category, and she even wrote a little speech. It was her final time up on stage and she was assisted by Esteban who helped her hit her poses correctly. On her final pose – 1,000 people in our audience, stood to their feet and gave Faith a standing ovation that lasted over 3 minutes. The judges had no other choice but to award her first place in her division.

I knew Faith was special, but this moment really took the prize. Her pure tenacity and joy for life effected 1,000’s within 1 hour of her presence on that stage.

These are the three amazing lessons I have learned from Faith:

Unfortunately, you will have to be in attendance or tune in live at our eVOLV Talks event this Sunday November 13th @ 1 p.m. MST to take away the lessons I have learned from know Faith! I would love to have you with us as 6 other wonderful speakers will be presenting their stories of trials to triumphs to inspire and motivate! for more information and tickets. Zoom access is available!

We will see you all there! Your Trainer – C.J.

Join us for eVOLV Talks 👇

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