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Failure may be what you need...

If you only knew how many times in my life that I have failed, you would think I was lying. I mean failures where the news channel anchors were on my doorstep numerous times, where decisions that I made my family lost everything and many more mistakes that I frown at when I think about them. Now I know some of you will google these so do not judge – I reconciled all my past dealings which the media never reports and of which I am damn proud! These failures in my life though have taught me more than any award or success I have ever had. I still fail today but in much less dramatic fashion.

The lessons I have learned through my failings are part of the process and when you use the energy to catapult you rather than drown you, the successes become that much more rewarding and you become much more attractive to those around you. What I mean is you become real and a role model which in and of itself is powerful.

See my failures have given me the knowledge to help those in their most dire time periods. Who else better to coach someone out of a hole then someone who has been there and done that a couple times and had to climb out himself? At the time though I fed my bad wolf spirit with so many drugs and alcohol I almost did not make it out alive. But I did and now I have the experience and knowledge that most never will and that has made all the difference.

Now I seriously hope that you never have to experience that which I did but if you do – remember that failure is part of the process and we must plan for it. Not a written plan but one in our head that allows us a little caring for ourselves that if we fall of the wagon on our diets, we miss a gym day, we have a fun weekend (some of us weekends) binging that we need to let it go and get back on the wagon. We are human and especially in these weird times we seek enjoyment, which is good, but we must realize that too much of those good things lead to a poor quality of life down the road not to mention ones mental well-being.

If you find yourself in a cycle that is hard to break, my trainers and I stand ready to help. My team and I are great at helping you find yourself again and lend a helping hand into whatever hole you may have dug for yourself. Just e-mail, message or call 505-872-3408 for help.

Always Start Strong, Stay Strong Be eVOLV Strong.

Respectfully Your Trainer – C.J Chavez

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