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Downtime is Critical!

Downtime is Critical for Success….

Does this sound like a familiar situation?

It is hard to preach about downtime when I work 7 days a week and put in no less than 80 hours myself especially during these crazy times. My tireless motivation is making sure you and my team are cared for and eVOLV remains strong which may be different than your driving force.

I get the current stress levels probably as much as anyone out there does as our clubs’ core business has been shuttered going on over 4 months now. My team and I have had to figure out how to deliver our services within the perimeters allowed completely changing our business model. My team has been amazing, and we are doing it with your support.

The problem is – where is the downtime? See we believe there should be a “balance” but that is an illusion. I believe there must be a way we integrate downtime into our workday/week/month/quarter/year. Before Covid I would work for about 3 months straight then I would take a long weekend. I would take off to one of my events that I thoroughly would let loose and just be a complete moron where I know I could. That release to me is critical. Not thinking of my responsibilities for those few days would allow a lot of the “steam” I had built up in my system to release.

See our bodies and minds need downtime. My drivers are immensely powerful, and I truly don’t work a day in my life – a lot of you can’t say the same, this is a discussion for another time. Because of this you must incorporate a reprieve of some sort and it must become habit. The culmination of stressors on your systems begin to wreak havoc causing severe health problems. In my topic last week, I discussed which wolf spirit are you feeding. Stress left untreated without downtime/release causes unhealthy habits such as drinking, bad eating and sabotage behaviors.

Action items:

1. List downtime activities (away from the phone/computer) that you enjoy

2. Schedule in your calendar the times and days of those downtimes

3. Stick with your schedule – do not allow anyone or thing to take it away.

I hope that our virtual and live classes are part of your “downtime” placed in your schedule! If you need more personalized help with this our trainers stand ready to provide our knowledge and help you. Just respond to this e-mail for a free ½ our session virtually or in person.

Until next week – Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

C.J. & Team eVOLV

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