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Carbs are Not Bad for You

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Carb’s Are Not Bad for You!

I am the first to tell you, Eat the Damn Cookie! I also follow it up by saying earn it. It is when we eat a pack of wonderfully soft and sweet macadamia nut cookies a day while sitting at our computers and then on our couches and then to our beds that get us into trouble. Now if you have one after lunch only after you did your hour-long dedicated workout in the morning and had a reasonable meal for both breakfast and lunch and you know you are going to have a reasonable dinner well within your caloric max – THEN HAVE THE FUC*ING COOKIE! If you aimlessly eat them all day without a plan nor movement – then you will eventually look like the cookie – soft and round! Just being honest folks!

ADHD Sidenote: Did you know that a protein based peanut butter cookie can be an amazing post workout snack?

Now don’t get me wrong. Carbohydrates are not all the same nor do each contain what is needed based on your desired goals. I am a firm believer though that EVERY FOOD is a good food in moderation including carbohydrates. Take for example Michael Phelps. His daily caloric intake was over 20,000 calories due to his grueling practice schedule. There is no way in hell that you can eat enough broccoli to reach 20,000 calories. So, Mr. Phelps used pasta, pizza, potatoes, rice, COOKIES, and a lot more caloric and energy dense carbohydrates. Unlike most of my clients Mr. Phelps was not wanting to lose weight though.

In regard to Carbohydrates, these are the main energy sources our body uses. They are not all the same though. Dependent on your goals, a carbohydrate can be very nutrient dense. This means even little portions can provide a ton of resources to your body for use as energy. The problem lies in if we do not burn these resources off, guess what happens? It stores on your body as fat! So, a snickers bar has about 250 easily accessible calories. Easily accessible is critical because it means the body absorbs it immediately, so the energy source is immediately available. If it is not used up guess what, it stores as fat.

Now take for example a cup full of broccoli. This has only 30 calories and due to the fiber, it will stay digesting in your system for quite some time slowly releasing the energy source available to your body. So, think about the difference between the two. 250 immediate access calories with very little time in the belly and 30 calories of slow-release energy source that stays in your digestive system for quite some time. The broccoli keeps you feeling fuller while the Snickers bar does not, and the jolt of sugar is like a big wave that comes and goes making you want more.

Now after a great workout and you need a quick energy source a Snickers may be great for you. But if you are sitting at a desk all day eating these type of energy sources, you are in a for a ride and a crash!

My main word of advice is quit eating without a plan in mind. Here is my advice and actions:

Plan your meals. You don’t even have to cook them in advance but have a plan. Write down what you will be eating during the day and stick with it. If you can prep your meals great. I don’t and I seem to be ok. Some of you may need to prep but it’s ok if you don’t. It’s not ok not having a plan.

Fill up on the good stuff for you. We all know that if we are getting it out of a package, if we have to boil it and prep the carbohydrate it probably is not the best for us, and if it has a ton of sugar, we need to consume it in moderation. Again though – eat the damn cookie – just earn it.

If you can pick it off a tree or bush and eat it – it’s probably good for you. Lettuce, tomato, broccoli, chili, jalapeno, lettuce, nuts, et. These are the carbohydrates you should be filling up on. In regard to grains – the more whole the better!

Pizza, Pasta, Breads, Sugary Snacks need to be consumed in moderation! Don’t stay away from them – plan them in and reduce sizes!

Good nutrition should always have a great workout regime as well. Also, you have much more leeway with sugar, breads, pastas and more if you work out! So, earn them!

I would love to chat with you about your goals and how nutrition and working out play a part! or 505-872-3408. I can help you achieve your desired goals at a pace much faster than going it alone. Hit me up!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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