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Are You Diligent With Your Well-Being?

When outside of the gym and someone finds out that I am a trainer, I can almost verbatim state what is going to come out of their mouth. It is one of two statements and/or questions:

“How can I lose this weight?” or “I try to work out but…”

Most individuals that I first meet, that probably never have worked with a trainer, think that I have a secret elixir of some sort or a top-secret methodology that I use to get crazy results for which my clients are known. Now do not get me wrong, eVOLV’s methods and elixirs of talent have been refined over a period of 20 years and are second to none, but I hate to disappoint by stating “there are absolutely NO SECRETS!!!”

What we do at eVOLV is tried and true and is considerably basic. We believe in our client’s abilities and over time we coach them through hurdles they could not get through on their own. Over time with diligence, they achieve their respective goals and most of the time surpass them with unbelievable results.

The key word in that last sentence is “diligence.” What I find most is that when an individual gives careful and persistent effort towards the wellness goals they have decided on, no matter how many times they fall off the saddle, at the any point during their journey they have improved their quality of life. And those who remain diligent and not give up achieve their weight loss, muscle gain, toning, pant size and overall health-related goals.

I commend you for being diligent in reading this small blog/e-mail that is intended to keep you on your wellness journey. These small write-ups are meant to spark your mind and be a constant reminder that you are worth it, and my hope is that you take these bits of information and use them to your benefit.

As always, the trainers and I here at eVOLV stand ready to help you on your journey. We are only a phone call, e-mail, message, or smoke signal away when you are ready.

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong.

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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