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Another lockdown...

Another lockdown….

More uncertainty….

Lots more anxiety….

This is our current world.

I offer three major points:

1. We cannot control most of what is going on,

2. We can only control our reaction to it,

3. We are NOT alone.

You have a choice team. Do we allow that which is out of our control to dictate our reaction poorly or are we going to rise to this occasion with positive actions moving forward?

I understand how difficult it is during these times – I run a business that has been decimated by the Governments orders and the fitness industry has lost 50% of its’ revenue and over 40% of its’ players to date. eVOLV though is a living example of rising to the occasion rather than sulking in sallow. Yes, we have been affected by all of this but on the good side, we are still here, my team has never been stronger or more united, and we now have virtual capabilities unmatched within our industry.

It has been painful, but we have grown. It has been uncertain but our unity as a team has strengthened and gotten us through. It has been scary, but we have held each other’s hands offering peace of mind that we together can get through this storm and we are not alone.

Is your perspective positive? Can you see that we ARE eVOLV and together we stand united and will help each other come whatever challenges we face. All you need to do is log on, reach out or commit to your fitness class on our app. Don’t you dare give up on your wellness journey! Like I have said in my prior messages – your wellness/fitness is more critical today then it has ever been before, and you understand why!

As a reminder here is a link to our Zoom and Facebook live classes:

Facebook live is FREE and just login to your account with Zenplanner for your link to our Zoom classes. Its as easy as that. If you need further help with a trainer – just reach out – we are here. We ARE still OPEN and operating – service delivery may be different – but WE ARE OPEN and ready to serve!

505-872-3408 is our main line, is my e-mail and you may use any of our social media to reach out. We love you all and we are here to help! Just reach out!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

P.S. – Please keep us in mind for the Holidays! Be on the lookout for our Holiday Specials starting this Friday! Links will be sent out via e-mail and Social media!

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