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A diet without movement is like smoking a cigarette then going out for a run for your health

Congratulations Shawn on your Success! Super proud of you!

A diet without movement is like smoking a cigarette then going out for a run for your health.

Oh, here we go. I know some of you will completely disagree with me on this one. That is ok, we can agree to disagree but hear me out before making judgments.

There is a caveat to my statement. I believe that if you do not have your exercise regimen down, that you should not even think about what diet or supplements you should be taking unless you have a medical condition requiring one of them. Then there is no debate your doctor will prescribe it to you anyways.

Movement hands down has more benefits to your body then any diet ever will. Take for example, the Adkins diet, can you really tell me that eating meat all day is going to provide you a better cardiovascular output? Is the Keto diet going to increase your bone density? Is the south beach diet going to provide you the balance and stability you need as you age? Come on folks!

I am not talking about moderation and calorie count. I really don’t care what you eat when on a weight loss journey. What I care about is the habit of moderation, logging and being accountable for what you do eat. I hate it when someone says they are on a diet. The reason is they can’t celebrate life and the second part is when they get off of it, they balloon right back up. Eat the damn donut. Just don’t eat them every day and earn it. Eat the dessert on your date on a Friday with your loved ones but don’t do it every day. Have a burger at the party but make sure you have planned it out accordingly.

Also, team, that gross apple cyder shot you are doing in the morning if you are not moving is just going to be some really stinky pee. Quit trying to take a pill or do a special trick – this is trying to take the easy way out! DO THE DAMN WORK!

Movement is critical and science hands down has said this is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Consistent movement that gets your heart rate up, allows the muscles to work and causes good stress on the body is what I am talking about. Minimum four hours a week that can be split up in so many ways! Don’t make it complex and find something that you can stick with the rest of your life!

Action items:

Careful of the quick fix pills and gimmicks. If it sounds too good to be true – it is!

Do the Work! Do the Work! Do the Work! You only get one body in this life!

Think about the last 10 years of your life on earth – how do you wish to live them? Now do the work to live them the way you wish by consistent movement!

I appreciate each and every one of you for allowing me to practice my passion of inspiring you to better yourself daily! Please share, recommend, and comment on this blog post!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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