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As of late “fear” has been a staple feeling in my life. All around us uncertainty prevails. Who cannot avoid the daily reports of the craziness of the world we live in and the insurmountable amount of doom and gloom? It sometimes feels like the tail end of a fairytale movie where the final living character whose entire team has died along the journey is hanging off a cliff but is the only one that can save life itself. You know that moment right where you yourself are on the edge of your seat biting your nails either rooting for the individual or denying their ability to do the impossible.

Yet right at the end they seem to muster up this massive amount of “umph” that gets them through to the end and all humanity is saved by this one person’s actions. How did they do this? How do individuals like you and I do this? One single word – FAITH!

Fear is living life without faith and faith is living life without fear. Now believe me faith without action is just dreaming right but massive amount of action with a little faith can be life altering. When the Covid hit us, I had no certainty of anything as the entire marketplace adjusted overnight. I led my team down a path uncharted and if you saw how we did what we did at the beginning – you would laugh. I had faith and I acted. Yes, we hit a few bumps and we still will moving forward but we had faith and today we survive amongst a sea of those who have not within our industry.

This lesson is one that I believe can help you on your wellness journey today more than any other. You must have faith in the process, and you must act and continue to adjust your actions, but you must do both and your actions must be continuous. No process is perfect and each of us are different and what works for one may or may not work for another. This is where the trainers at eVOLV can help and guide you accordingly. We are living proof of this type of philosophy and our trainers are amazing at what we do.

Your Trainer - C.J. Chavez

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