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4th of July Survival!!

How NOT to gain weight over the 4th of July Holiday!

It’s that time when we all get together to celebrate our freedoms and most of the time it involves lots of food, desserts and of course alcohol! I love it all! I just celebrated myself over the last weekend where I partook in all the festivities, and I didn’t worry one bit about calories or exercise! I am paying for it this week though.

I thought it prudent to share my lessons learned and provide you a map to possibly avoid what I couldn’t.

First off in my defense I worked tirelessly on my diet and on my workouts before this event because most of the time I was shirtless, so I had to look presentable. Secondly, I was in a place and in a group that had agendas so to get away was a little tough (this is a blatant excuse as our host went to the gym a couple of times, but it feels good saying it.) Thirdly it wasn’t all lost as I danced from 10 pm to 4 am nightly – so this was great cardio!

So, action items to avoid the muffin top gain this weekend:

1. DON’T STOP YOUR WORKOUTS! I always say eat the damn donut but earn it! Just because it’s a holiday does not mean that you can’t find time to be physical. Earn your calories and earn your fun and it also helps to feel less guilty about it.

2. DON’T STARVE YOURSELF UNTIL THE PARTIES! Eat reasonably throughout the day so that you feel somewhat full when arriving to your parties. You will get full faster and will help with that starvation eating mode we find ourselves in.

3. Drink a ton of water before, during and after your events including while drinking the alcohol!

4. Try to stay away from the fruity tooty drinks and stick with the pure forms such as vodka, tequila and I know Tania will love this – even gin! Try to moderate and again drink lots of water!

5. Most importantly have a fantastic time and make your “cheating” well worth the effort. Life is too damn short not to celebrate!

Speaking of workouts, we have a great line-up this weekend into the Fourth of July where everyone that joins is FREE if you bring a guest! We would love to have you with us. We also welcome back from parental leave Ms. Nicole in the Hot Room this weekend and on the Fourth.

After you have had all your cheats this weekend, I know some of you will need Shred which starts on July 9th with initial weigh-ins, pics, and measurements. I have two slots left! I’d love to have you!


Click this link to register:

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