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Why does it feel bad to feel good sometimes?

Why does it feel bad to feel good sometimes?

As I sit and reflect on the last 7 months of uncertainty, change, fear and all the other words that describe the Covid era, I also have a sense of exhilaration and excitement about what the future holds. I am also one of the lucky ones too, at this point. My personal life is amazing, my family is on the way to healing (exercise mandated to each of them recently), my past relations are healing and the steps we made at eVOLV have proven to be successful to this point. I look though at some of my colleagues in my industry and they are not fairing so well. This is where the dichotomy of feelings occurs in my head. I really feel for them, but I also know that the years of preparation, my colored personal and business past & my current state of mind of “never giving up,” have presented exciting new opportunities – aka “LUCK” – for the future of my team and I here at eVOLV.

Is it normal to maybe have the feeling of guilt during these times when you yourself are in a good space while others suffer? Interesting thought process.

One of the benefits of making the right choices for the right reasons, having a dynamic history in life/business and meeting the point of opportunity is that you are able to actually help those who need it and who deserve it.

Our membership is stronger then ever both on-site and virtual, our trainers are quickly growing their private clientelle, my team is strong and happy, our corporate/team relations remain solid and we are on the eve of starting our 8th annual Rise of the Phoenix Fitness Challenge and Competition and celebrating our 5th year here on Candelaria in Albuquerque, NM – our yes – international home base.

I know it may be a little frowned upon to be celebrating during these times – but once again – we need to live life – we just need to change a few things though and be reminded of the times we live in in regards to Covid Safe Practices. We will follow them to the T on Saturday.

Now onto Saturday – I personally invite you celebrate with us both onsite and via ZOOM!!! I have included the schedule below and the Zoom Link is: Passcode: 2020

Every ½ hour we will allow those in waiting room to enter so stay there – we will get you in!

7 A.M. (must be a member)

Members only bounce class (zoom available)

Members only rise class (zoom available)

8 A.M. (1/2 Hour Classes) - free to all

Spooky Obstacle Course - Green Turf w/Sedrick

Frightening Fitness Class (Zoom Available) - Velocity w/C.J.

Deathly yoga - Purity w/Nicole

Scary Cross-Training w/Donovan - Brawl

9 A.M. (1/2 Hour Classes) - free to all

Spooky Obstacle Course - Green Turf w/Donovan & Sedrick

Frightening booty & Abs (Zoom Available) - Velocity w/Christine & Nancy

Deathly Core-sculpt - Purity w/Esteban

Scary ballistic - Brawl w/Tristen

10 A.M. free to all

2021 Rise of the Phoenix Fitness Show informational session mimosa's and light food served

11 A.M. free to all

Halloween dance party (dance jam - zoom available) - Velocity w/Esteban costumes encouraged!!!

Here is a link to a video message explaining everything from C.J.:

Here is a link directly to more information about ROP 2021:

I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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