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Which Wolf are You Feeding?

We have two wolf spirits that live in our body. We have a black wolf (bad habits) and we have a white wolf (good habits). Each become ravenous when fed and want more and more food. Which one do you feed?

The black wolf feeds on alcohol, sweets, fast food, sex, drugs, social media, negativity and all the stuff that is “fun, instant, satiating, et.” in the moment yet does nothing for our future. This feeding frenzy also ignores our white wolf and over time the spirit of the white wolf dies out.

There is hope. The spirit of the white wolf is resilient. The white wolf feeds on working out, healthy food, good communication, sunshine, good sleep, water, healthy relations and all the stuff that requires “work, consistency and is not instant.” You could say that that the white wolf is harder to care for but if cared for properly will provide you a much better quality of life.

See the black wolf will kill you through diabetes, heart attacks, loneliness, jails, institutions and many more shitty situations. The white wolf provides energy, vitality, love, friendships and so much more until the end of life.

So which wolf are you feeding? Another cool aspect is when you feed one the other one weakens to the point where it is not so ravenous and one will win out.

All it takes is developing a habit to feed the right one! Just focus on one good habit – do not focus on more then one at a time – you will lose the battle. For example focus on 25 crunches every day, say I love you to your significant other 5 times a day and/or eat an apple a day (you know what this does right). It normally takes about 300 repetitions to form a habit. It will only take a few days to lose it so this is a life long journey team.

We as trainers can help. We offer accountability, knowledge and a kick-ass workout if you are looking for help and we can cut the habit formation time in ½ by holding you accountable and being there for you as your Coach.

May I suggest taking advantage of one of our amazing trainers here at eVOLV and sitting with one of us for a free ½ hour to discuss which wolf you are feeding and allowing us an opportunity to guide you in the right direction? We have strategies and a proven history here at eVOLV for getting you to feed your white wolf. Use us! Contact us today 505-872-3408, reply to this e-mail or message us on social media to schedule your free ½ hour. We can do this virtually or in person.

Feed your white wolf!

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