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Holy Moly Batgirl! What a damn month. A successful Rise of Phoenix, the Duke City Gladiators camp in full swing and bam – I’m going on my first 7-day vacation since opening eVOLV over 9 years ago. Wowzers!

Each of these efforts have taken months to accomplish – including my vacation. Coming out of a devastating year such as we have, I have realized that I only live once and knowing how precious life is – I must take some time to enjoy it. It’s even more critical now knowing I don’t have forever with those I love. I realize that I work so life can be enjoyable and I can share that joy with those closest to me.

No one in this industry can say they work harder then I but sometimes it takes a toll. I say this because I see it in my own clients and those I serve. Hell, I manage an entire program overseeing 600 paramedics trying to combat burn-out, stress and work fatigue. It is a battle I have fought for over 12 years now, and the battle continues to rage.

Have you heard the saying – “Stop and Smell the Roses?” This is a saying that has so many meanings but really – Stop and Smell the Roses!

I had a client come in this Sunday, Mother’s Day, and he was complaining that he had made all these plans for his wife, but she was being quite demanding about how the plans were to play out. I asked him a simple question. “How do you hold water in your hand?” There is no way to grip water by holding a fist, you must cup your hand and allow it to stay. It’s like trying to control the world around us. You must go with the flow and control the way you react to it. In his case it was also important to point out to him that he be grateful that he had loving wife and family. After a bit of discussion and using the power of a kickass workout (getting all his aggression out) he was able to leave with a level head. He reported today that Sunday was a success after this realization.

This is the power of training. I have never pretended to be a psychologist, councilor, or any other mental guy. I pride myself though on being a great trainer with a very specialized skill set that I have shared with my team. We understand the power of training the entire mind, body, and spirit. When you leave one out – failure is probable.

As I gear up for my 7-day hiatus, I entrust my team to you. They are second to none and stand ready to serve you. May I suggest a free consultation with one of them to discuss your goals and objectives. There is nothing like having a coach with you along in this journey that can be an honest mirror and provide you guidance on this wonderful journey called life.

We stand ready! Until then Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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