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When You Look in the Mirror, What Do You See?

I ask a simple question to all those who take the bold step of meeting with us here at eVOLV for the first time. I also ask it to those who come back after a hiatus and recently after COVID. It’s pretty simple but it tells me a lot about the person I ask.

“What do you see when you stand in front of a mirror?”

The words I hear most are lazy, fat, tired, old, fluffy, invisible, and so many other negative expressive terms. I also hear a lot of individuals avoid mirrors as best they can or don’t even own one in their homes. This is amazing as mirrors are only reflective of the moment of time you are in currently. They are inanimate objects that don’t express any kind of emotion. It’s amazing that so many people hate looking into this object of “reflection.”

We are the culmination of choices we have made up to this point. The mirror only is a tool we use to see the results of our past. So, the choices of not working out, eating the donuts, or drinking the vanilla frappe double cream cappuccinos on a daily basis are what you see in the mirror in the moment. The choices of getting your assed whooped by a trainer here at eVOLV on a normal basis, logging your diet and staying within reason of your caloric loads and caring for yourself daily are also the results you see in the mirror.

It works both ways. You shouldn’t avoid the mirror as its honest and real. Your reactions to it are what matters.

Here’s a challenge and an action item you can do today. Do this alone and actually do it with a purpose.

1. Find a full-length mirror in a private area.

2. Strip down to the minimal amount of clothing you are comfortable with in the moment.

3. In full lighting stand in front of the mirror.

4. Look at yourself from head to toe and really examine what you see and how you feel about it.

5. Finally look into your own eyes and then describe what you see.

6. Journal what you tell yourself and date it.

7. Place your clothes back on and then journal in the perfect world how you wish to describe yourself.

8. Then develop a contract with yourself and take the first step in making the correct choices starting right then and there.

Be kind to yourself as its probably taken time to get to where you are currently. It will take time to get to where you wish to be. Don’t be easy on yourself though – but be understanding.

Then think of the one action you can take daily (only one – more than that can be overwhelming and unstainable) then commit to it with all your heart. Always be reminded of what you saw in the mirror and what your dream is for your future and then begin making the correct choices daily! Yes, you can eat a cupcake every now and again – it won’t kill you – but the main choices have to be intact for some time.

If you still need:

1. Accountability

2. Professional Knowledge

3. A Supportive Tribe

Then give us a call right now – 505-872-3408 or e-mail me to discuss your situation. We can help – we know we can. We can provide hope and a path to your wellness goals.

We will begin registration for Summer Flight of the Phoenix 8 Week Challenge led by our very own Donovan Porterie. This may be just for you. It is a supportive group of people just like you wanting to improve themselves so when they look into the mirror – they once again are proud of their reflection of choices made. Donovan’s emphasis will be muscle build – meaning stronger more defined arms (less flap on the bottom), more defined legs and butt cheeks and always a stronger and tighter core. This program starts July 25th and runs through September 18th and the cost is $240 per person. Once again e-mail me or call us 505-872-3408 for more information and/or to register.

There is also still time to get your kiddo’s into Sedrick’s summer program. I have included his flier below along with some other awesome events and programs we have coming up soon!

Until next time – Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainers – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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