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When Going Through Hell – JUST KEEP GOING!

When Going Through Hell – JUST KEEP GOING!

I absolutely love this quote from the rough and gruff Winston Churchill during World War 2. This quote has gotten me through quite a few pickles in life and still today I try to put my struggles into perspective, and I have become accustomed to trusting my learned abilities to get me through “it.”

It has taken me awhile to trust my own abilities and I still have self-doubt – a lot! I also have habits that have been developed that also help with my process of handling adversity and stress. My passion in life is sharing what I have learned that works for me with others.

This morning a client shared that she was feeling overwhelmed, and she wished to just quit. She stated that her emotions were getting the best of her and that she didn’t understand why she was feeling like shit. This lady has also lost over twelve pounds in a noticeably brief period of time, and she is middle aged. She thought she was passed the point of menopause.

Part of my job was to first off kick her ass back into reality that she wasn’t going to quit and secondly, I had to provide my years of knowledge and help educate her about what was going on in her body. She had a hormonal “attack” for lack of better terms. I reminded her that fat stores estrogen and when you begin to burn it off of your body guess what is unloaded into your system – estrogen. This causes crazy emotional rollercoasters that are hard to manage and difficult to understand when you are the on on the roller coaster. I helped put her situation in perspective and changed the way she looked at things.

After she left, I saw a couple of positive posts knowing that she was on the right track. I also put her in touch with the very capable Dr. Sais who helps middle aged females with exactly these issues (if you want her contact information – just e-mail me

The beauty of this clients and I’s relations is that my knowledge and experience was able to help her in her time of need. I used the quote of just keep going when going through hell and then educated her and then kicked her ass!

Action items:

1. When in life you find yourself going through hell, who can you turn to for coaching and help?

2. Know that when going through your hell – it is temporary and on the other side if managed healthily – things will be better!

Last week for Puerto Vallarta! I need you to commit today!

AM Shred is filling up quickly, PM Shred will fill up next week so let me know! Monday August 8th is the next start date! 100% results my friends! Let me help – just reach out!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong!

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