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What the hell are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?

It never fails to amaze me that while amid a storm, all I can think about is how I will survive. Yet it also never surprises me that there is always a breath of fresh air and sometimes a rainbow after every storm. Only after having to endure the storm do these two things appear.

The problem is that most people give up and never endure long enough to reap the benefits of their hard work and pure determination to get to the other side. What the hell are you doing?

Will you commit to the end, or will you reach for safety and comfort? Are you going to finish what you started, or will you return to your old ways? Better yet, are you going to go the easy and known route and keep the insanity cycle strong and continue to hope and not take the actions and steps necessary to achieve your desired goals?

As your trainer and, better yet, as an individual who has lived through storms more powerful than most can believe, I say DON’T EVER FREAKING GIVE UP! If you do give up, there is 100% chance you will never succeed. Yes, failure and setbacks are genuine and may very well happen to you in this process, but you will learn, and that knowledge gained is invaluable for so many other obstacles you face in life. The real deal is that you need to preserver, and if one tactic is not working, try another; if that doesn’t work, try another and keep trying until you figure it out.

This is where the trainers of eVOLV and I come in. We have seen and experienced more than most, and our ability to help guide you is second to none if you allow us. Trust in our process. It is sound and has decades of refinement with real science and application. It is not bright and shiny and is not a fad. It is real work with real trainers who know what we are doing!

So again, I ask – What the hell are you doing? If you are a current member and need a little more help or a potential member, contact us today for a free consultation to help! We stand ready.

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Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong

Your Trainer – C.J. Chavez

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