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Warning - Only Until It Happens To You...

Yesterday I taught a class in the morning and worked a full docket until about noon when my back begins to tighten and then lock. It wasn’t after my full AM schedule that this occurred. I felt a little tightening but them boom! I have absolutely no clue of what I did for my back to give out.

With my basic understanding of what was going on I begun my own protocols of hanging upside down, I had Dontrell assist with an SI correction and then I begun to stretch. I had commitments though through the remainder of the evening and I was hell bound to follow through and I did. BAD Idea. By the time I got to my partners home, I was 10 times worse then earlier in the day.

I am telling you this because I know some of you can relate. I also know that some of you say it won’t ever happen to me I’m too strong, too young, too careful, et… Well other then my love of sweets and the occasional beer, I am supposed to be the picture of health and WHAM! It happened. The deal is though I have some knowledge of what needs to be done to correct it and by following some simple steps I am feeling about 85% as I write this 24 hours later.

My father always said, “if your health ain’t happy, your happy ain’t healthy.” I always thought this was a little weird but as I have dedicated myself to helping people every day, it couldn’t be any truer. I pride myself in being healthy and walking my talk. If this same issue would have hit someone who doesn’t care for themselves or who has let themselves go, it would have been a devasting ordeal that could last for months if not years. I see it every day.

Now I am not saying that because I am healthy that I should be immune to injury or illness. What I am saying is that going into an illness or when an injury does occur, as it will, that my body is probably much more capable of handling the onslaught that it must endure to heal much faster than that of someone who has let themselves go. Take for example COVID and those most susceptible – smokers & the overweight. See most of these individuals were just living their life thinking everything is ok and them BOOM!

This happened to my father and his end of life was cut short and was miserable due to 3 heart attacks and numerous strokes. His vigor for life left when his health did. I am glad I am reminded that I am not superman and I am more then grateful I have dedicated my life to helping others through the vehicle of fitness because it keeps me primed and ready for when the illnesses and injuries hit. I am glad my back went out and I was reminded why I do what I do.

Fitness is not always about looking good (I seriously still believe my strongest reason is to look good naked though)! It’s about quality of life and making sure the time we have on this earth is well spent and we have enough “umph” to leave our mark on it.

May I ask is your body ready for any of illnesses and injuries that will present themselves? It’s not if it is when they will. Don’t be discouraged about where you are currently, be excited that you have the ability still to change course and eVOLV! That was good – come on give me that!

With all that said – I do hope this message finds you in a place of happiness and if not – do something about it. Call us and allow us to help. We are here and we are ready. We are the best and we can assist you on this journey by becoming your Coach. We all need one in life. E-mail, message, or call!

On a final note – I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the votes you have been so persistent with over the last week. We still have until March 23, 2021. You may vote once every 24 hours. Please continue to support us! Here is the link: (a little secret - refresh the page and put as many e-mails as you have!)

In celebration of your efforts in helping us, please join Esteban, Sedrick and I this Saturday May 20th, 2021 @9 a.m. MST for a Worldwide Facebook Live Fitness event with Christine Conlin as our host via our Facebook page. Here is a link: You have a chance to win prizes for the largest watch party! See you then.

I have also included a flier for all our programs below! We have so many its amazing. Hit me up to explain – I’m only a phone call away!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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