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Top 3 Reasons Burpees Are Good For Your SEX Life!

My momma always said that you should never discuss politics, religion, or sex around the dinner table. Thank goodness I never learned.

All kidding aside I believe very strongly that sex should be a healthy part of our life. You wouldn’t be reading this right now if this beautiful act did not occur in your past. Yes, like anything sex can be used grotesquely but it is a part of who we are as a species.

I also know firsthand how our fitness levels effect the quantity and quality of our sexual sides. A study by Lia M. Jiannine An investigation of relationship between physical fitness, self-concept & sexual functioning J Educ Health, 2018 states that:

“Obesity and inactivity have led to an increasing number of individuals

with sexual dysfunctions - 43% of Women & 31% in Men.”

No wonder most of the women I deal with feel lonely and invisible when they first start here at eVOLV. Most of my men feel defeated when they first start here. It’s difficult to root out the base cause of obesity, lack of cardio health and strength because each person is different. What I do know is that each of these “symptoms” is under your utter and complete control and you can do something about them today. Within weeks of just starting to move daily significant improvements begin to occur. Increased blood flow and exertion begin to regulate the body to allow for the following:

1. Confidence – this is the number one factor in improving your sex life in my book. When you begin to feel proud again about what you see in the mirror, how else better to spend time with the person you like or love then naked together in the room with the lights on!

2. Increased Sex Hormones – movement does two things with hormones – a. it decreases our stress hormones allowing us to be more relaxed, but it also releases dopamine our connection and love hormone into our system. This allows for more connection and allows us to get “turned on.” The old saying is those who sweat together stay together!

3. Increased Blood Flow – when you increase blood flow to any part of our bodies, they become alive again and they receive the proper nutrients necessary to repair and thrive. This is completely true for our “nether regions.” Increased blood flow to these areas causes greater sensitivity and arousal. Come on who doesn’t want this?

At one point in my life, I was 210 pounds, drinking daily and not moving. I was miserable. I remember vividly not wanting any type of sexual action as I was embarrassed about the way I looked, and I just didn’t feel alive.

By moving daily, watching what I eat and being accountable to my clients by showing up daily, focusing on improving one habit a week and taking advantage of the supportive eVOLV community I am a completely different person.

These are the same principles in our “Phoenix Method” of training here at eVOLV that makes our programming successful. It is the method I used to improve myself.

I write these messages to relate to you in some way showing that I too have had to deal with these obstacles. My passion in life is to help those who still suffer and to help them turn their stumbling blocks into steppingstones and yes sex is one of those that we don’t discuss often enough.

If this message hits note and you wish to discuss your situation with me, please don’t hesitate to e-mail, message or call. We are trainers of course that inspire you to better yourself and we are pretty damn good at it too! You just need to reach out. Always a FREE consultation to begin and never any hard sales tactics.

I look forward to more discussions with you and please leave me feedback. I’d love to hear from you about what is important that you may wish me to discuss and give my insights.

Before leaving you, please put October 30, 2021, in your calendar at 11 a.m. for our anniversary and Halloween party right here at eVOLV. We will have a special schedule that morning, SHOCK & DANCEJAM will be back for one day only! Then we celebrate with food, spirits, and fun!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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