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Today I Celebrate 1 Year Since My Fathers Passing.

Speaking of death probably isn’t the way you wish to start your morning with me, but my intent is not to speak of death at all. It is to celebrate the life of my father and the impact he had on me and this world. You wouldn’t be reading this message if he didn’t live the life he had. It was he and my mother who instilled my hell bound determination to be a force in this world.

At my father’s funeral, it took over 3 hours for the valet to park the cars, it was standing room only, and if you haven’t been to a catholic funeral (2 hours long) everyone stayed in the freezing cold and eventual rain. It was amazing to see how my father had the respect and love of so many people.

I attempt to live my life in many ways like my father, although I know I fall short often. There are certain values he instilled in me that I lost during a dark period of my life but was able to establish again. Through these values my life has become much less dramatic and much easier to live with a wonderful partner, beautiful friendships, a great workplace and simply a real life without lies. My father always said that you only die with your good word. Nothing else matters. So true is that statement today that it resonates loudly in all I do. I may not be perfect (somedays when I look in the mirror, I think different – kidding) but my intentions and my efforts are pure of heart in all I do.

I strongly believe that the success of eVOLV is due to the integrity of our people and this has been engrained by me. Yes, I will take credit for this, I will not tolerate anything less. This also trickles down to you our clientele as I again will not tolerate anything less. Therefore, I am very blunt with my expectations of never lying to me on your diet logs, by never giving false praise and by just being me and never being fake. I know I piss off about 20% of people (mainly my competitors), but I know I have earned integrity and I stand for something. This is the eVOLV way and I am damn proud. This is how my father ran his companies and I know he was proud prior to his death and he still be proud of me today.

My coaches stand for our beliefs:

· We never give up on you!

· We will always treat you courteously!

· We will always provide an amazing workout!

These are really simple yet critical to your success.

If you haven’t already experienced why the trainers and team of eVOLV are considered the best, I invite you to sit with one of our trainers for a free consultation. Here you will be able to develop a plan of action, see what it will take to achieve your goals and maybe just get push you need. We are a team of fitness experts that love what we do but the main part is we “know” what to do.

Shameless plug:

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Until next time Start Strong, Stay Strong and Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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