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To the Busy Executive, Busy Mom, and Busy Person! This is for you!

To the Busy Executive, Busy Mom, and Busy Person! This is for you!

I have said this many times in many different ways, but your health is essential! It’s a simple message, but I, as your trainer, need to remind you that if you don’t have health, nothing else in your life, including finances and relations, will not be happy! I have developed a quick and easy quiz to gauge your health. Answer these questions and be honest:

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being true and correct and one being false and incorrect, answer these questions with a 1 to 5 on a piece of paper. Then we will add these all at the end and see where you lie on the wellness scale.

When I look at my body in the mirror, I am proud of what I see.

There is minimal improvement needed with my body.

I can quickly get up off of the floor with no assistance.

I can walk stairs without breathing heavily or getting fatigued.

I am within 5 pounds of my ideal weight.

I am in the size of clothes that I prefer to be in.

I can easily do any physical activity I wish, such as hiking, biking, kayaking, and any other I desire.

I can easily do a sit-up.

I can easily do a push-up.

I can easily do a full squat.

10-20 – The good part is that you are beginning from scratch, and any change to your current habits will drastically improve your physical and emotional well-being. The bad part is that if you do not course correct now voluntarily, you will be forced to shortly due to significant health incidents such as diabetes, heart attacks, and other preventable diseases.

20-30 – Even though there is still a lot of room for improvement at this level, you have developed certain habits that have helped you remain somewhat healthy. Creating new healthy habits will benefit you considerably, such as consistent movement and moderating your nutritional intake to include more nutritious choices. You are ready to take that next step to improve your overall strength, decrease your waist size, and feel more confident.

30-40 – You are healthier than most at this level and have some great foundational habits that have helped you. At this level, we need to pivot slightly on some practices that do not bode well for you to break the plateau and get you into those skinny jeans again. We need to become consistent with our movement weekly and begin decreasing the number of sugars, alcohol, and other foods that do not provide us with the desired benefits. Small changes at this level and accountability will take you to the level you want with your wellness.

40-50 – You have your health under control, and with a bit of tweaking, you can become even stronger and more toned. Your program needs a break in plateaus and increased intensity to your regimes that will bring you to a professional athletic level.

Where do you lie on this scale? Be honest. If you fall below 30, reach out! I can help! It’s your time!

Shred December is starting and is filling up quickly! I’d love to have you!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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