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Tips & Tricks not to gain weight over the holiday weekend!

Congratulations Jose V on your success! Supper proud of you!!

Tips & Tricks not to gain weight over the holiday weekend!

As we celebrate Labor Day this weekend, I know all too well on how quickly your diets and fitness habits can be almost impossible to keep up. I myself am dreading it.

Here are a couple of tips and tricks that I use personally, and I give my clients:

Plan, plan and then plan.

I went to a get together this last weekend and I asked what was on the menu. I then proceeded to bring my own diet Dr. Pepper and Diet Sprite. I also told them up front that I was not drinking and please don’t push it on me.

Don’t starve yourself before the party or dinners!

Eat reasonably during the day such as an egg for breakfast and a salad for lunch. Then make sure that you enjoy your party or dinner but moderate your choices – including alcohol. Give yourself leeway but once again plan it out!

Try your best to make good choices amongst that bad.

Choose proteins over carbs. Choose lower calorie alcohol rather than full blown sugary drinks. Fill up on the good stuff such as greens and water, then partake in the other stuff!

Get your workout in no matter if you are hung over or not!

Movement is critical to feeling well and I am all for “earning” your fun! Don’t allow your weekend to get in the way of your wellness! Yes, celebrate and have fun! But earn it! I promise you will feel better for it!

Try to plan out fun stuff that involves walking, hiking, swimming, or physical activity!

I am heading to Denver this weekend to river raft, ride roller coasters and to jump out of a plane! It was a gift and a surprise by my amazing partner Adonis! I’m scared shitless but this trip is all about the physical adventure and to be with each other. It is not about party, eat and sleep! See the difference!

I do hereby grant you full right and authority as your trainer to HAVE FREAKING FUN! Life is not worth living unless it is about 80% fun. Be safe and enjoy!

From my heart to yours – Your Trainer C.J.

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