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Thriving vs. Surviving...

February 17 will be one year since my fathers passing. I had the distinct honor of caring for him in his final six (6) months on earth. During those six months I had some of the most precious moments of life while cutting his hair, changing him, and just making his last moments special for both he and I. He said a lot of things that made me think about my own life. He never spoke about what he did, he spoke about what he would have done in his life given differing circumstances and who he worried about upon his death. See when life comes to an end it’s not about just getting by and surviving, it’s about thriving and making a difference to those who you consider close and love. It was regret that I felt from my father about not doing more in life then he did.

This life should be about Thriving! I fall into this trap as well and fall victim to what experts call the insanity cycle. Doing the same things repeatedly but expecting different results because I fear the unknown and discomfort. See only in discomfort do we really grow as individuals and yes this means having to face fears, judgement and possibly failure. This is well known in the natural world as mothers of all kinds, like the eagle, must push their kids out of the nest knowing they will either die or fly. We humans grab a beer, eat the donuts, smoke wacky-tabaky, go back to bed and many other stress relievers rather then do what is critical for our personal growth.

Earlier in my life I dug a deep dark hole and got stuck there for quite some time where I damaged myself with all the above and then some. Only when I decided to climb out of it and use fitness as my ladder did I finally realize that life was not about just surviving. When my father passed, I was reminded very vividly that life is about thriving and that my personal well being is critical to my desires and goals in life. This is why I dedicate my career to help and inspire others to better themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally so that they may thrive and flourish.

This message is either to reinvigorate you or to help you make the decision that you must care for yourself now – not tomorrow, not after COVID, not another perfect time – NOW! Call us to schedule an appointment to set you up on a sustainable program. We are virtual experts so if you live in another area – we got you – there are no excuses. If you have someone you love who needs to hear this – share. We would really appreciate your referral.

Make today your day to thrive!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

P.S. I invite you to go to Mexico with me in September for a Fitness Vacation you will never forget!

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