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This is why you will not meet your new years “GOALS!” I speak from experience!

We are all a culmination of our past choices and decisions. We are the only ones responsible for the state we live in today. We can blame no one else other then ourselves if we are not satisfied with what or who we have become. We now live by the STANDARDS we have allowed.

When I found myself at the end of a bottle living out of my truck back in 2008, I blamed my family, I blamed the economy, I blamed my partner, I blamed any and everything that I could other than myself. I didn’t blame the fact that I chose to drink on a daily basis rather than facing the hard battles that I should have. I didn’t blame my decision to turn my back and party all night thinking that tomorrow I would face the issues but tomorrow kept becoming tomorrow. I didn’t blame the fact that I cowered with my life standards and allowed my life to spiral out of control.

Today I see a much clearer picture of how I got myself into that position. I also realize that when I finally made a non-negotiable decision to live my life with a higher standard that no one will mess with, did my life ultimately change. I did have to reach rock bottom though because down there, I couldn’t see anyone or anything to blame either. If I didn’t make the choice of climbing out, I would have been buried down there too.

I remember clearly that every day I would set a “GOAL” of not drinking the following day. I would set goals daily while I was in a rut but the next day, I would find myself in the same spiral as before – I call it the “Insanity Cycle.”

It was only when I simply had no other choice and I set my mind that I was going to live my life with a Non-Negotiable Standard that my life changed. This needs to happen to you. We set these lofty goals all the time but without a proper mindset behind them – YOU WILL FAIL!

It is time that you believe that you are an athlete, not once was! It is time you believe that you deserve to be healthy, not tried every diet. It is time you believe you can have the body you always desired, not ever be caught in a bikini. It is time you make up your mind and set the standards of living you desire and never look back!

Stop setting goals and make up your mind! Goals are finite. Standards are not. Standards are dedicating the time necessary every day to move your desired outcomes forward. 30 minutes of movement daily that you do not negotiate with that you just do! Meal prepping for breakfast and lunch daily that you just do with no deviation. Going to bed at 9 pm daily to get enough rest to be your best the next day without fail. These are simple set standards that done over time have a huge compound effect.

Now a cupcake every now and again, a good beer with friends and family on the weekend not done in excess, or a good all-nighter every quarter dancing your life away should be earned and done with gusto when needed just not often and with habit.

Is this all making sense? I write this with my years of experience behind it. I write this to help you with how I helped myself and how I help the folks that I hold accountable within eVOLV & UpMo. NO, I am nowhere near perfect, but I can say I know a few things about human motivation and fitness.

Start today by reflecting where you are in life. The trinity – Health, Relations & Finances. If you are unhappy with the culmination of decisions equating to your present, ask yourself what standards have I allowed myself to live by to get me to “The Now.” Then make up your mind on what you won’t allow moving forward and what you will do change your current situation daily. Another key take-a-way is get someone to help you with accountability. This is another critical step if you wish to achieve your outcomes faster.

In regard to your health standards – we stand ready to help. I will also mention that when you begin taking the necessary actions with your health, the relations and finances begin to work better too! Also -all the money in the world means nothing if you’re not healthy. So let us help you! Give me a call today – 505-872-3408 or email with your questions to see how my team and I can help you set your standards and achieve what you desire!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team UpMo/eVOLV

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Augusta Allen-Jones
Augusta Allen-Jones
12 janv. 2022

I love you CJ!💝 I’m so proud of all your accomplishments, your vulnerability to let us in, and identify with you. You make us better. You live by example. You show us everyday how to become all that we can be. I am beyond grateful for your inspiration and tenaciousness. I salute you🙏

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