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This is my reason, this is my purpose!

There are a couple of reasons I write these blogs. The first is so I can relate to you. I am sharing what I am experiencing and feeling within the moment I write. I believe it is critical to trust someone prior to taking any advice from them. I also believe very strongly that the more real I am with you, the more you can understand that I am just a normal person who has the same struggles as you. I have just honed my skills to help others through this journey called life using fitness and training as my tools. I convey my true emotions through these blogs rather than the picture-perfect world of social media. I believe this allows a deeper connection with those I serve.

The other reason I share on a personal level is so that you understand my purpose. I have experienced and lived in the darkest of places in my life. I have also seen the most beautiful parts of it and during the best of times my health was at its peak such as now. I understand completely that health is the driver of most people’s success. It allows a clear mind, a ready body and a vigor for life that unfortunately most never achieve. I have seen what sickness, obesity, diabetes and so many other preventable diseases do to an individual and how lousy their life eventually becomes. I saw my father dying for over a decade while all the time just a little bit of fitness in his life could have made it so much better. This is why I have purposed my life to help others improve mentally, physically, and emotionally every day through fitness – including myself.

So, when I share my emotions in the moment, I ask not that you get scared for me, get alarmed, become fearful, I would request that you ask yourself how you can relate to the emotions I am currently experiencing and look at how I am handling the situation. Then if you can use my example to help yourself, do it! If my story in the moment can help you by relating to your life and bring some ideas of what to do or be just a basic reminder that you are not alone in your struggles, then I have accomplished my purpose and my reason for the blog.

I sincerely appreciate those who reached out on my last blog. It is heart warming and wonderful to know the community we have created here called eVOLV! It makes all the difference in the world knowing we have each other. I always state that eVOLV has nothing to do with brick and mortar and everything to do with the people.

Now onto your actions items this week:

1. Check out Christine’s simple 2 ingredient recipe in the video link below.

2. Sedrick is bringing his amazing energy to your kids for a summer camp starting next week! Check out his flier below and let your peeps know!

3. It’s getting closer to the deadline for Cancun. If you are on the fence – it’s time to make the commitment. The rooms are selling out fast and I know you don’t want to miss out. Click on the video below for more information.

4. I know that after some of your summer vacation fun your pants are feeling a little tighter – maybe a great opportunity to sit with one of our trainers to develop a plan of action! FREE of course.

5. Lastly – Check out our 5th of July special schedule.

As always team – Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J. & Team eVOLV

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