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This is How You SHRED in 4 Weeks!

Congratulations John on your success! Super Proud of You! Pictured above.

This is How You SHRED in 4 Weeks!

Over the last 14 years consecutively training full time and using my prior 7 years as a fighter in the NASKA & USKA rings, I have refined my approach on “getting to weight” a high priority. I call it the Phoenix Method. eVOLV’s logo is the Phoenix and it represents the evolutionary process of a magic creature who can rise from the ashes and become one of the most powerful beings after ultimate multiple failures by dying. I love fantasy and when a book contains one of these mythical creatures, I normally can’t put the book down (fyi – I listen to books now – lol). I can relate quite well to this creature the Phoenix.

I had to “make weight” too many times in life and when I compete in the OCB today, I continue to use this method. I am 100% natural and am very proud of it so what I do has no supplements, drugs, and/or weird shit that makes you turn green. It’s real, it’s tough as shit, and it works! You may do this on your own or you may join the few bad-asses I am allowing in my Shred on May 16th. Here it is:


· 5 Hours must be dedicated weekly at 5 am MST for a High Intensity Interval Training workout for an hour. Each session is going to be completely different to switch up the body. Some days will be in the Hot Room, some days will be in Brawl, some days in Velocity and some days outside! It depends on what I have planned. But each is an ass whooping.

· Each day you must complete an ab workout for homework.

· Saturday is a FREE workout day that you must complete on your own such as a hike, a run or something outside and fun.

· Sunday is an easy rest day with a little yoga or stretching.


· 5 Days prior to start and throughout the Shred you must maintain a nutrition log at all times. There is no excuse for not doing this. I recommend and if you are in my Shred program – it is required.

· We must get an average caloric load you are eating daily, and we must see your macronutrient breakdown – Carbs, Fats & Proteins. If you are a normal adult, I normally take away 200-400 calories daily if you are looking to lose weight/tone. If you are wanting to gain weight and bulk, I may add over 1,000 calories if you are male and under 40. Everyone is different but these are good starting points.

· Then we make sure that you are hitting at least 35-45% Protein and minimizing the High-Glycemic carbs in your diet such as sugars, starches, and other non-nutrient dense foods. I don’t mind a donut every now and again nor a glass of wine when you have earned it. But very little during a Shred.



· We will be taking a beginning weight and In-Body test along with a beginning picture! Nothing shows better then pictures themselves.

· You must measure every 5 days on the scale so you can adjust your caloric intake and macro nutrient distribution if needed.

· Pictures again midpoint along with a In-Body test and then at the end to celebrate or cry. LOL!


· Grit is necessary in order to achieve anything valuable in life. This is why 5 am is critical for this Shred. Getting up early and having 0 excuses is a necessary habit to effect change.

· Nutrition Logging is required as well and is a lifelong skill/habit for continued health and well-being.


· You are 10x more likely to succeed in a goal if you have a strong support network that you are accountable to throughout your program. If you are not doing this with me – make sure you have an accountability partner or group. This is a critical aspect of the successes of our members at eVOLV!

Now listen, I do these blogs to help you. I have mapped out my entire business plan on a couple of pages so you may have access to all I do. Now it’s your turn to ACT! Do it with me or do it on your own. You have the map now you have the choice! I’d love to have you. As of this morning I only have 6 slots left and they will go quickly. I only made this public on Friday and BOOM – peeps want the Shred. I am a no-bullshit guy when I provide these – I have one goal – to get you to yours and my ways can be forthright and brutal. So, understand this when registering. You have been warned.

If you wish to register here is the link:

Until next time Start Strong, Stay Strong & Be eVOLV Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.


I’ll see you again tomorrow on eVOLV Strong with C.J. Podcast!

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV and UpMo Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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