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This Happened on 2-2-22!

As we celebrate a once in a lifetime event of 2/2/22 only surpassed by the up and coming 2/22/22, I was pleasantly surprised by a phenomenal performance by the amazing Laurie and the 2-2 fitness fanatics of eVOLV’s 5 am crew this morning! You may watch a full rendition of the video right here:

This performance brought a sincere smile to my face and provided guttural laughter which just set my day right. It reminded me of my “why” again and the reason I rise at 4 am daily to conquer my day and realize my mission.

I live by two overarching principles:

1. All I do must have a purpose.

2. 80% of what I do must be fun – I can handle 20% poop!

If either of these two principles begin to waiver I reevaluate, eliminate, and pivot if necessary.

The common denominator to the well-being of my two principles above is the power of community with which I surround myself. It is not just any community, it’s a group of like-minded individuals who desire improving themselves and who are accepting and appreciating of the differences we all possess.

Yes, we all want results and that is why we all keep coming back. You can also get results in a dentist office (sorry Marifer – love you) but who likes going to a dentist office? If you enjoy the people, you surround yourself with then things just get easier. If you feel accepted and supported along the journey the likelihood of you returning and sticking with your plan becomes that much greater.

This is why community is part of our signature Phoenix Method. It is critical to the success of our members. This is why I strive to lead this community with integrity and unwavering standards so that we may all flourish. Today’s impromptu performance allowed me to step back a bit and to take pride in our combined efforts. I appreciate you Laurie/Kymm and all of you in the 5 am class who demonstrated the power of who we are – goofy folks just trying to have “fun” in our efforts to improve ourselves! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

As we go into our day, think about your community and who you surround yourself with for the majority of your day. My father always reminded me that if you wish to soar with eagles – surround yourself with them. If you wish to slum with rats – stay on the ground and do nothing. Who are you surrounding yourself with and is it helping you improve your situation? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate, eliminate and pivot in order to improve. Just a thought for the day!

Speaking of community, we have chosen Puerto Vallarta for this years Destination Event! Last year was amazing and the friendships and experiences are to be remembered forever! We marry fitness with fun with sunrise yoga on the beach, water aerobics, fitness classes, physical excursions and much much more! We will be staying the 5-star beach front resort Secrets this year and have a schedule posting on our website of the events. Take a look here:

Our Pop-Up classes have been an amazing success and are open to all! Tonight, we have Christine and Nancy teaching a Booty class midweek, tomorrow we have Esteban doing his DanceJam, Friday we have Laurie (the 2-2 leader) teaching Bounce and Saturday, Dontrell premiers with his Hip-Hop Step Class! You may reserve your classes here:

Take advantage of your community by just showing up, I’m certain you will be pleasantly surprised how human we really are and how supportive we are of everyone’s differences! That is the eVOLV/UpMo way! (had to put some Yoda in here somewhere)

Your Trainer – C.J.

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