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These two traits are critical for your weight loss and fitness journey!

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These two traits are critical for your weight loss and fitness journey!

As I prepare for my 1st Physique competition as an OCB Pro, I am reminded how difficult the cutting stage is and how my clients must feel during their initial phase of training with me. This will be my fourth competition but my first professionally. It is November 19th of this year in Rhode Island. This gives me 82 days from the date I write this blog.

My intake is quite minimal, I won’t go into it as this type of diet is not advisable to about 99% of you. I will go into the fact that I have drastically reduced my caloric intake, increased my protein intake, and have cut out all sugars and most carbohydrates. My body has to be lean and striated with lots of vascularity. I am attempting to reach 5% body fat by the time I compete. I have 82 days to lose about 16% more. This means I also have to lose about 20 more pounds to compete well to show off the 4 pounds of muscle I developed over the last 2 years preparing for this competition.

That’s a lot of data to say – it sucks. Last week was the first week where I actually said NO to everyone and everything such as drinking, sweets, after work snacks and going out to eat. The process has been brutal. I am a dud – officially. My comment to everyone is “I can eat/drink that, but then I won’t have a competitive chance.” This normally puts them at bay. My focus has been on point, and it is becoming easier. I have also had to be flexible with alternatives that meet my current situation such as advising a movie rather than a restaurant. I brought my own drinks to a celebration I could not say no to this weekend. It was tough but I didn’t drink nor eat the popcorn.

The two traits that I currently pull upon often right now is 1. My Focus & 2. My Flexibility.

I believe these two traits are critical for my success at achieving my goals at moment. I also believe these two traits can assist you on your journey. I know my goals are pretty extreme in this situation as they should be. I am competing at a professional level now that most don’t even get an opportunity. But if you wish to lose 5, 10, 15 pounds and tone up, the same rules apply to you as well. This also includes non-fitness goals too! If you wish to play the piano, learn a new craft, go to school – you need both focus and flexibility.

Action items:

What is it you are trying to achieve at moment?

Do you possess the skill of focus and flexibility?

How can you be more focused on your goals at moment – what actions can you take! Sometimes its just saying NO!

Be flexible – like going to the movies rather than a restaurant.

I love sharing my experiences with each of you to relate and inspire! These blogs are channels I can deliver my message of hope to those wanting to achieve more in life. Wherever you are – Never Give Up! You are worth it!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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