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The What, Why & How of a 15 Minute Workout!

Congratulations eVOLV Client Extraordinaire Leslie on your continued success! Pictured above!

The What, Why & How to do a 15 Minute Workout!

One of the ways I coach individuals to adapt healthy habits is to make them easy to handle at the beginning and ease into things if need be. You have to crawl, before you walk, before you jog, before you sprint or, you know who you are, you may hurt yourself coming off the floor into a sprint.

On an aside, I’m 45 years YOUNG! I can do just about 98% of that which these young bucks around me can do. Obviously, I have never nor will ever jump as high as Sedrick, but my little tough and stout self can probably kick his ass royally if I wanted or had to. Now the difference is that it would take me not just days but weeks to recover and it would take me weeks to prepare and hours to warm-up! But – I COULD AND WOULD KICK HIS ASS IN A FIGHT! LOL!

Now back to my point. Why you can give me at least 15 minutes of your day everyday starting today!

The What:

  • 15 minutes of movement/exertion has been scientifically proven to have positive effects on the following systems of your body; cardiovascular (your heart), pulmonary (your lungs), muscular (your beauty parts), hormonal (your mood) and much more!

  • This means that if you give yourself just 15 minutes that you improve your overall body, mind, and spirit!

The Why:

  • The cost of not moving or carving out time includes heart disease, diabetes, low energy, inability to concentrate, and probably a longer term forced commitment to your health rather then the voluntary commitment now.

  • Obviously because if you don’t move you age quicker, develop a belly and saddlebags, and become a dope! Is this clear enough!

The How:

  • If you are just beginning, carve out the time in your calendar and be diligent about it. Start with a 15-minute walk right after lunch, when you wake with your dog or take your husband out on a leash in the evening after dinner. Yes, I just said a simple walk. If it is raining or you don’t wish to handle the weather – stand up and march for 15 minutes! I’m being serious – just do it. If you can’t walk, then move your arms continuously and/or stand up and sit-down for 15 minutes – safely of course. Just do something for 15 minutes. Just start!

  • As you progress begin adding intensity/resistance/speed to your 15 minutes. When you go for a walk quicken your pace and make the distance you travel within the 15 minutes longer each time. Grab a couple of soup cans if you don’t have weights and drive your arms when you walk or do something fun with them. You only live once, and it is your life – so make it worthwhile. If your husband starts to complain – use him as a target to throw at him and see how fast he begins to move too! Kidding but not really.

  • As you begin to advance now you should start adding duration by increasing the time you spend on yourself. We have a ton of free content on our Facebook page, our YouTube Channel and as a member you may come to or take virtually over 100+ classes of all types per week. I’d start off with 15 minutes and then work up to the hour. Community, fun and our amazing trainers are what drive our client’s success and I know you would find a supportive home her!

The point is to make a commitment to your health but don’t overcommit at the beginning. Make it simple but be diligent about your efforts. Change your mindset that movement is a gift and with any gift – it can be taken away at any moment. If you don’t use it – you lose it, and we see it every day!

I hope this message finds you well and provides you a little motivation on what, why and how of the 15 minutes of dedication daily I preach about all the time. If you want more, we stand ready to help you. You just have to call, e-mail, or message us.

We would really appreciate your support by sharing this message with others who you feel would benefit or leave a comment below about how movement effects your life.

Remember to always Start Strong, Stay Strong & Be eVOLV/UpMo Strong!

Your Trainer – C.J.

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