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The Power of NO!

Stephanie sporting a Shred shirt!!

The Power of NO!

As I home in on that which gives me the greatest return on my objectives in life, I am finding that I am having to say “no” a lot more.

Growing up in a Hispanic Catholic household where my mom was the matriarch, no was never an answer I could use. Those of you who know – know! This actually led me to have some exceedingly tough times later in life due to me trying to please everyone while allowing my own needs to unmet. This was especially true with my family at one point, and it got so bad that I was estranged from them for some time.

After spending time refocusing on myself and recreating myself by letting everything go (aka losing everything) I had to start from the beginning again and take care of me for once. This is when I learned that unless my own house is in order, I can never care for anyone else. This means me first and recently having to learn to say no to that which I believe is not important. I also depend on my team a lot more and don’t get involved in things I don’t need to so I can spend the time on the action items that only I know how and that which brings the most value to eVOLV!

The power of no is tough though and it pisses a lot of people off. It’s interesting when a client has an account issue and believes I should be able to fix it or am knowledgeable about it. Let me be the first to tell you if I try to get into your account – I will royally fuck it up! You may get charged ten times before I even can figure out how to credit anything! So, watch out. I have other peeps to do this. I know my special powers and why I have honed them in, and I stay focused there!

Action items:

1. Where are you saying yes in life when you should be saying no. Every time you say yes it takes the most valuable resource away from you – time.

2. Learn to say no with respect and try to offer alternatives such as team members and direction to other solutions – in other words – try to be kind.

3. Then say no when necessary if it’s not meeting your long-term objectives!

No, you can’t say not to this! Puerto Vallarta is coming up quickly! Friday is the deadline for all registrations so if you are on the fence – JUMP! CJ@EVOLVSTRONG.COM email me now!

Shred has openings as of now both morning and evenings! I’d love to have you!

Your Trainer – C.J.

Your Trainer – C.J.

Start Strong, Stay Strong & Always Be eVOLV & UpMo Strong!

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